Friday, April 13, 2012

8 Free* Tools for New Political Campaigns

You’ve filed your papers and it’s official, you’re running for office. While a campaign can be overwhelming, there have never been better tools available online.

1. Document Sharing – Google Docs

There isn’t a better way to collaborate on documents and lists than through Google Docs. Manage permissions to sensitive files, update donation records on the go, and collaborate on speeches and policy positions – all in one place.

2. Email Marketing – Mailchimp

While social networks are increasingly popular, email is still king when it comes to communication and fundraising. Mailchimp lets you manage contact lists, design eye-catching emails, and track the results of your solicitations.

3. Painless Website – Voters Act

(Disclaimer: founded by the author) Voters Act offers a free campaign website and donation platform. There are also fundraising pages for your supporters to share the campaign with their friends and track the results of their advocacy.

4. Social Media Outreach – Hootsuite

Keeping up with a bevy of accounts can be challenging. Hootsuite saves you the trouble of checking multiple sites by giving you the data in one place. Even better, you can monitor reactions, schedule posts, and see analytics simultaneously.

5. Event Donations – Square

Have a campaign specific bank account? Perfect. Link it with Square and they’ll mail you a free credit card reader. Download an app for your phone or tablet and you’re ready to accept credit card donations or event fees on the go.

6. Candidate Scheduling – Tungle

Schedules change rapidly, and there are frequent demands on your time. Let your team see your availabilty and suggest meetings for you here. Keep up with your commitments on the go. This way, you won’t miss a meeting again.

7. Project Management – Asana

It’s important to make sure your team stays on the same page. Consistent communication, clear responsibilities, and live project tracking can make the difference for a winning campaign. Here, you get it all for free.

8. Empower Your Supporters – 5ivepoints

*So 5ivepoints isn’t free, but it’s one of the biggest changes for local campaigns. Their app offers an unprecedented level of sophistication and outreach to campaign volunteers. If you have volunteers, manage them here.

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