Saturday, April 14, 2012

Don't know who your political opponent is?

Then hire an opposition research firm that can give you the arsenal needed to combat everything your opponent throws at you. As the war for holding elected office heats up, many politicians and candidates are facing opponents that threaten their competitive advantage, so they are increasingly looking to professionalize their opposition research management. In this environment, bold leadership and risk-taking are also crucial and successful candidates are adopting aggressive research strategies to combat any surprises that may come up.

That's where The Klimson Group comes in. We don't just surf the internet for the latest dirt on an opponent that may be floating in cyberspace. We dig in the trenches, the courthouses, the library, and even read masters' thesis looking for inconsistencies in issue stances of your opponent that may give you that competitive edge. Documents are what matter, not innuendo. Opposition Research is not just about digging dirt, it's about informing the electorate as to who they are voting for. Elected officials pass laws that effect our lives, Don't you want to know what they are doing behind the scenes?

We work with public affairs companies, campaign managers, PACS, non-profits, and Law Firms.

Call The Klimson Group, Opposition Research today for our rates and implement opposition research for your winning campaign.


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