Monday, March 12, 2012

Liberal debris of the week #1 (Fluke does have ties to the White House)

These 3 hideous, pathetic, anti-american worms: Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem win stupid idiot, Liberal debris of the week comparing Rush Limbaugh to Josef Goebbels. You stupid idiots (or sluts?) Goebbels was the propaganda minister of Nazi Germany, he was their "FCC". Limbaugh doesn't pass regulations or laws. I don't remember Limbaugh ever hindering free speech like Goebbels.

I wipe this liberal debris away.

And for your information, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly revealed that the woman, Sandra Fluke, is not exactly an ordinary law student. She is a long-time activist on feminist causes who is represented by Anita Dunn, a former adviser to President Barack Obama and White House Communications Director in 2009. She is also dating the son of “Democratic stalwart” William Mutterperl, who has made numerous donations to the Democratic Party and liberal candidates in recent years.

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