Friday, March 2, 2012

Mayor Lowe, This Ain't Chicago

In the Gainesville Sun, today, the mayor says that criticism of his research assistant hiring is political retribution from the Alachua County Republican Party.

No, Mr. Mayor. Criticism from the Alachua County Republican Party isn't about political retribution, nevermind the fact that most of the criticism at last night's meeting came from members of your own party. But yes, we have been openly critical of the policy and your blatant attempt to squelch the media.

Mr. Mayor, it's about the fact that you are using tax payer dollars to fund the politics of your next campaign. Garner isn't a research assistant. He isn't a liaison to community groups. He is a permanent campaigner. A couple of weeks ago, you used Chicago as an example to justify this. Mayor, this is a weak mayor system in a council / manager form of government. YOU don't run the town, you just run the meetings. No matter how much you want it to be, this ain't Chicago.

I will hand it to you. You did a pretty good job of imitating Chicago politics at the city commission meeting last night. I watched the meeting in amazement as you sat back and allowed your pit bull, Susan Bottcher, to mount a full frontal assault on Commissioner Chase for having an opinion about an issue and wanting to education the public. Funny, I've never heard her criticize Thomas Hawkins for setting up an outside organization to do the same thing. What's the difference? I'll tell you. She agrees with Hawkins' issue (transportation).

You have abused the citizenry, and with the biomass incinerator, and you are abusing the non-citizenry - the rate payers that have no say in what you are doing. Watch out, Mayor. The people that live on Tower Road, in Haile, 98th, Town of Tioga, Ft. Clarke Blvd and 121st won't take much more abuse before they start an annexation initiative. In fact, the buzz has already started.

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