Saturday, June 8, 2013

Letter to Charles Hill Principal at Strobridge Elementary School in Haward, CA

Hi Principal Charles Hill,

I just read an article on a toy gun buyback program at your school.  I respect everything you do as a principal since I have 3 children myself.  However, i'm beside myself why you could even think about doing this.  What are you trying to accomplish?  Some kind of mind control agenda?  Political Agenda?  I don't want this type of ridiculous behavior seeping into my childrens' education since this has become a national story.  Let parents teach their children about social issues.  That IS NOT YOUR JOB!  Your job is to teach Math, History, English, and Reading.  Nothing else!!

Instead of teaching kids to be successful and becoming leaders an elementary school does a toy gun buyback program??? And thus we know why the dumbing down of our children is happening in this country. I memorized the constitution, learned how to balance a checkbook, invest in stocks, knew what habeus corpus was by the 10th grade at a great christian school in Michigan because my principal and teachers cared about nothing else but teaching me. My parents taught me about social issues.  Today these kids couldnt tell preferred stock from livestock.  

Todd Klimson

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