Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Says the word "Dhimmitude" is on page 107 of the health care law and means "Muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to purchase insurance."

'Dhimmitude' on page 107 of the health care law exempts Muslims, claims chain email

Have you ever heard of "Dhimmitude"? A chain email claims "dhimmitude" is on page 107 of the health care law, and it means Muslims will be exempt from the health care law.
We don’t want to keep you in suspense, so we’ll tell it to you straight: The word "dhimmitude" is not in the health care law.
We know this because of our previous reporting on the law, and also because we did a full-text search on both the main law (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) and acompanion law (the Health Care and Reconciliation Act). It’s not in either one.
What is "Dhimmitude"? Well, here’s what the email claims:
Dhimmitude -- I had never heard the word until now. I typed it into Google and started reading. Pretty interesting. It's on page 107 of the health care bill. I looked this up on Google and yep, it exists. It is a REAL word.

Its not in there folks relax.

I searched the entire law for those words its not in there "Mayan end of the world crazies".

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