Thursday, January 2, 2014

Political Futures trading at the American Civics Exchange.

I just joined this site.  It is amazing to trade on political futures.  Check it out.  $5000 cash giveaway trading contest every month.  Will bitcoin be regulated this year?  Who will be the republican nominee for President?

The American Civics Exchange is the first US-based commercial market for political futures. We enable businesses and investors to reliably hedge financial exposure to changes in public policy.
ACE facilitates hedging of political risk through binary futures contracts tied to the outcomes of underlying events , including:
  • Changes in tax policy
  • Enactment of proposed legislation
  • Issuance of regulatory decisions
  • Outcomes of major litigation
The use of futures contracts to hedge exposure to commodity prices dates back more than 2,500 years . More recent innovations have enabled efficient hedging of a wide array of risk factors, including foreign exchange rates, interest rates, and even weather.
ACE offers a similar risk management solution for political events.

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