Monday, August 5, 2013

The origin of present day Political Correctness

The master Clinton War machine started it (have to commend him, he's the most skilled campaigner ever, had nothing against him he actually helped businesses and told most liberals to bite it). It's about money and getting votes. Hillary is right around the corner. She has done nothing for this country but raise money from extremely wealthy people whose love fest continues with degenerate Barry (But BARRY actually wants to thwart business). Please don't fall for it again. ( do you really think Matt damon will give you $1,000,000??) (Do you think matt Damon will ever be audited by the IRS???) Make Money, love your family and remember, Dan Rostenkowski was elected to Congress with a net worth of $18,000 and 18 years later declared a net worth of $40,000,000 on a salary average of $210,000 per annum. Do the math??? I'm not saying Republicans didnt do it, (Tom Delay??) Rostenkowski spent a little time in Jail too. I'd rather earn it the old fashioned way, non-cronyism. Barack Obama's net worth will surpass $40 -$50 million dollars when he's done. Mark my word. Mitt Romney Made $200,000,000 outside of politics. And they still fall for it.

Thus My Revolution begins!

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