Friday, March 7, 2014

THE VIEW FROM THE BRINK The 'Ukraine Crisis' now casts a shadow over Election 2014

It began with street demonstrations in Independence Square- the Maidan- in Ukraine's capital, Kiev, during late November of last year to protest then-Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich's rejection of closer economic ties with the European Union just to Ukraine's west in favor of even closer such ties with the Russian Federation of its President, Vladimir Putin: soon, however, the demonstrations became about more than the narrower focus of West vs. East- Europe vs. Russia; instead, and more and more, the 'Euro-Maidan' movement came to symbolize the frustration amongst many Ukrainians of what they saw as a corrupt government under Yanukovich (seen as Putin's puppet no less than is Russia's own Prime Minister- Dmitri Medvedev [who served as a "seat-warming" President for six years- with Putin as (allegedly) his Prime Minister- in between Putin's own two terms as the Russian Federation's Chief Executive])...

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