Monday, March 17, 2014

US Steel Workers Super PAC gives Mike Michaud $300,000

The Maine Democratic Party has just cashed a check for $300,000 from the Super PAC of the United Steel Workers to help elect Mike Michaud.

Yesterday's Portland Press Herald asks, “As with any large donation like this, the question becomes what will the candidate do to pay it back if they're elected?”
This is why Eliot simply won’t take money from special interest PACs, nor will he make promises behind closed doors – no IOUs.

Click here to watch Eliot’s speech from Friday at USM at which he outlined his reform package to restore integrity to our political process.

Mike Michaud has raised an average of $1,000 per day from Big Tobacco, the NRA, Monsanto and dozens of special interest PACs during his career in Congress. Paul LePage has hired unqualified lobbyists and put them in charge of the very departments that regulated their former clients.

Enough is enough. We must take back the political process. Under the leadership of Governor Cutler, we'll do just that. But we need your help to get there.

The parties and their PACs know that Eliot is unbought and unbossed, and that he will work to change our politics as governor—that’s why they will do anything to stop his candidacy. Their millions will pour into the state primarily for negative advertising that will contribute nothing to our civic discourse.

Will you help Eliot take back our democracy for Maine people by contributing at least $5 right now to help deliver our reform message to more voters?

Thanks for all you're doing,

Ted O’Meara
Campaign Manager

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Authorized by the Candidate and paid for by Cutler for Maine

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