Monday, July 6, 2015

On the Confederacy

Much has been discussed on the confederate flag lately and since I am not a southerner by birth I must offer my reflection on what happened and spread some light on these men and women who died fighting for a cause.  These incredibly brave men, on both sides, fought utilizing Napoleanic style warfare, simply meaning lining up men, shoulder to shoulder, with every single one of them knowing full well that survival rate was minimal.  They were literally ordered to die.  Why?  because the strategy was that the side with the most men still alive wins.  And it was true up until 1864 when new guns were introduced.  In 1864 The North bought 100's of thousands of weapons introduced as the first repeater rifles.  The war ended abruptly, the south could not afford nor produce the rifles.  And they still lined up Napoleonic style to their deaths.  These brave men in the confederacy were born into the slave way of life as it had been ongoing for the previous 200 years.   An infant is only going to become what he or she is taught. They were simply following their constitutional right to overthrow a government that was trying to tell them what to do.  Of course, in hindsight, we all know slavery was wrong and Completely immoral.  However, Unless you are someone willing to go to war and your commander says you will die today, keep your mouth shut about what they were fighting for.  There are many people alive today that had ancestors stand shoulder to shoulder and get mowed down by a spencer repeater. I highly doubt anyone would volunteer for that today.

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