Thursday, April 12, 2012

Democrat Campaign message: Being a mother is not work.

So I am confused. A left-wing Repulsive consultant rebuked Ann Romney for never working a day in her life. So the message I take from this is that raising children is not difficult work. I guess my own mother never worked a day in her life as well also raising 5 boys. Mom you are now considered a lazy woman. So I am assuming that the War on Women is now coming from the Left since being a mother is not considered hard work by Lesbian Rosen.

I'm wondering what would happen in the media if George W. Bush had said this or perhaps if Karl Rove said this. We would never hear the end of it from the media. Again the crickets are chirping.

My wife just gave birth to our new baby girl Shera, and I commend her as a first time mommy, it is difficult work and extremely important. yes I bring home the bacon but what she is doing is much more important.

Likewise, I love my mom and she did a great job raising us and YES IT WAS HARD WORK!!! Rosen you repulsive slob, get a real job.

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