Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Warning: Why the Presidential Race will be closer than you think.

Obviously, Barack Obama is facing a tough challenge from apparent nominee Mitt Romney. However, I want to issue a stern warning to conservatives that believe this is going to be a Romney landslide. You heard it here first, the 2012 election will be very close!!! Why? Social Media. Obama dominated social media in 2008. He's at it again in 2012. Yard signs, buttons, and political gimmicks are a thing of the past. The battle will be fought in the trenches on Twitter, Facebook, linkedin, and youtube. Therefore, it is imperative that the Romney campaign AND ANY CAMPAIGN FOR THAT MATTER, do not take social media lightly. I will be presenting an article next week "The top 10 ways to find voters via social media".

Need an expert at finding local voters??

Opposition research and social media marketing for political candidates.

Look at the facts below:

Arguably the most effective online social media web campaign event in history to date, Senator Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign:

The Social Media Campaign Numbers:
•Over 3 million individual donors were mobilised through social media
•Motivated over 2 million social networking participants
•Created and promoted more than 200,000 offline events across the country
•Total of 6.5 million donations online
•$500 million in donations online
•More than 13 million people provided their email addresses to the campaign website over the course of the campaign, aides sent more than 7,000 types of messages
•In total, more than 2 billion e-mails landed in inboxes
•The campaign website helped create over 2 million user profiles
•There were over 400,000 blog entries
•People spent more than 14 million hours watching over 1,000 Obama campaign-related videos on YouTube
•There were more than 50 million views of Obama Campaign YouTube Videos
•1.2 billion minutes of YouTube view time.

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