Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Is This Man the Zodiac Killer? His Son Says Yes

Earl Van Best, Jr. vs. the Zodiac Killer
Earl Van Best, Jr. vs. the Zodiac Killer
The Zodiac Killer, whose serial murders terrorized northern California in the late ’60s, was a man named Earl Van Best Jr., according to a new book by Gary L. Stewart, who happens to be his biological son. Stewart’s The Most Dangerous Animal of Allas we reported Monday, is for sale now from HarperCollins after a top-secret rollout. “I’m really hoping this will bring some closure to the families of my father’s victims,” Stewart tellsPeople.
Although many others have claimed to know the killer’s identity over the years, Stewart’s publisher calls his book’s case “legally sound” — here’s some of the evidence within.

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