Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Resign from Congress amid ethics problems; become a lobbyist 10 weeks later --- the Rob Andrews tale

Rep. Rob Andrews faced an ethics investigation for allegedly using campaign funds for personal travel and other things. So when Andrews announced his sudden resignation in February, some people assumed it was because of the investigations. Andrews denied any connection, saying, "This is a decision I made as an opportunity to help my family have a better life."
On May 1 -- 10 weeks after his last day in Congress -- Andrews registered as a federal lobbyist. The New Jersey Democrat and former member of the Armed Services Committee will lobby for a New Jersey company, to help them "gain business opportunities with the Department of Defense and other federal agencies," as he puts it on his disclosure form.
Former House members are restricted from directly lobbying their former colleagues for a one-year cooling off period after leaving Congress. Andrews can lobby the Obama administration, however.

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