Monday, April 16, 2012

58 Ways to Create Persuasive Political Content Your Audience Will Love

Just ran across this article from Copyblogger That explains simply and precisely 58 ways to create content your audience will love. This can be used for virtually any topic but since it is an election year I thought it would be a fantastic primer for political content.

How to streamline your content creation
Are you forever chopping at and changing your text?

Use the following tips to structure your writing up front, so your message isn’t buried deep in your post:

1.Write your headline first. Include a compelling reason why anyone should read your content.
2.Then write your subheads. These will help structure your post.
3.Don’t forget captions. People are more likely to read your captions than your copy, so don’t miss this opportunity to communicate!
4.Delight with your opening paragraph. Remember, your opening paragraph has to draw your readers into your story. Each sentence has to make them want to read the next.
5.Energize with your closing paragraph. Make sure you write a few kick-ass lines that inspire your readers to take action or change their beliefs.
6.Create fascinating bullet points. Most people won’t read every word of your content. They’ll scan the headlines and the bullet points.
7.Don’t disappoint. Remember the compelling reason in your headline? Make sure you deliver on it.


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