Monday, April 16, 2012

Mack Blasts Nelson For Forfeiting U.S. Energy Policy To Leftwing Extremists

By Team Mack
Posted on Apr 16, 2012

MIAMI – Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Congressman Connie Mack (FL-14) issued the following statement in response to liberal Senator Bill Nelson’s op-ed in Politico, which ignores his career of bowing to leftwing extremists and ducks the biggest energy issue facing our country today: the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline—a project Mack has ardently supported for months.

Mack said:

“Senator Nelson’s column in Politico today about oil drilling and gas prices is the same political slight of hand he’s been trying to use to take attention away from his own failures and his own liberal record of doing President Obama’s bidding to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline from being built.

“The simple truth is the Lockstep Liberals -- Senator Nelson and President Obama --have failed us. They've chosen to keep us dependent on oil from the likes of Venezuela and the Middle East over our own energy independence and security.

“Unfortunately for the people of Florida and the nation, the Lockstep Liberals would rather play politics and kowtow to a handful of leftwing environmental extremists then do what’s best and right for the people and our economy. Enough is enough.

“We’ve had enough of Bill Nelson and the Lockstep Liberals here in Florida. I urge people to sign my petition at and join me in calling on Senator Nelson and President Obama to build the Keystone Pipeline now.”

Let's help Connie Mack defeat Bill "The waffler" Nelson

The Opposition Research Team

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