Monday, April 22, 2013

Charles "I've never had a job" Schumer spews his feeble little venom at Grassley.

I seriously don't know who to label "The King Libtard".  I'm torn between Dick Durbin and Charles Schumer.  These two complete Morons are the biggest disgrace ever to walk the Senate floor.  They are reprehensible Poverty pimps that couldn't tell preferred stock from livestock.  Listen to this little cat fight between Schumer and Grassley.  

SCHUMER is a lying sack of shit.1070 was not shot down by the supreme court.The supreme court found that our AG Eric Holder and DHS did not want to enforce laws on the books.He lies again saying this bill represents the American people when polls show over 70% Americans want illegals deported.Our politicians are selling us out.

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