Monday, April 15, 2013

Now they can work on Bomb control too!! Oh wait?

It's already a violation to bomb and possess explosives according to the federal statutes:



            Severe penalties, including the death penalty! 

             1.       Use, carry or possess a bomb to commit a Federal crime of violence or a Federal drug
                         trafficking crime, § 924 (c)

             2.       Bomb Federal property: §§ 844 (f), 930 (c), 2332a

             3.       Bomb institution / organization receiving Federal financial assistance, § 844 (f).

             4.       Bomb business property, §§ 844 (i), 2332a.

             5.       Bomb public places, § 2332f

              6.       Use explosive to commit any Federal felony, § 844 (h)(1).

             7.       Carry explosive during the commission of any Federal felony, § 844(h)(2. 

That sure prevented the Boston Marathon Bombing.  If the government spent considerably less time watching law-abiding citizens that make an occasional mistake,  they might actually prevent these things from happening.    You've got cameras on us, why don't you put cameras on known criminals and suspicious people that come to our country.  

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