Thursday, April 11, 2013

GOP Senate debate gets personal. Opposition Research on Steroids.

The three Republican candidates for US Senate unpacked their opposition research files on Wednesday night, rifling through one another’s careers for damaging information and flinging accusations during the primary’s second televised debate.
Gabriel E. Gomez, a Cohasset investor and former US Navy SEAL, held himself up as the anti­politician and repeatedly labeled his opponents as the kind of career politicians responsible for the dysfunction in Washington.
State Representative Daniel B. Winslow of Norfolk alleged that ­Michael J. Sullivan, a former US ­attorney, had lobbied for the gun ­industry, a charge Sullivan denied.
And Sullivan quoted a letter that Gomez sent to Governor Deval ­Patrick, putting his name forward for an interim Senate appointment and voicing support for President Obama’s policies on gun control and immigration.

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