Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A history Lesson

1974 Nixon involved in wire tapping of Democratic headquarters at Watergate Hotel, he resigned before being impeached

1998 Clinton impeached for perjury regarding of all things extra-marital affairs

2013- Obama- IRS scandal which we now learn includes ties to his good friend Soros and a Libereal leaning publication Propublica, His DOJ confiscated records of the Press and its sources at the AP, Bengahzi Embassy was held hostage for 8 hrs with relief just an hr away and stand down orders were given, His DOJ ended up arming Mexican cartels in a blown border deal.. And everyone loves this guy??????? This is the most egregious administration in history. Carter was a babbling idiot but this guy is dangerous, arrogant as hell, and could care less as long as his agenda is moved along. 

For 4.5 years I have given him the benefit of the doubt and ideological difference but no more. Much of his social agenda I agree with philosophically at least. Healthcare, Immigration to name 2. But his legacy is that of the death of privacy, the press as a 4th tenant, and untold unneeded loss.

--From my friend Jim Lally

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