Wednesday, May 29, 2013

World's number one Nazi Beach: Deputies boot man from Siesta Beach over parrots.

Well I guess the oppressive Obamunist government is trickling down to the world's number one most beautiful beach:  Siesta Key in Sarasota, FL.  Are you seriously kidding me?  You cant brutalize an animal anymore but how dare you bring your pets on a PUBLIC BEACH.  What?  are you going to ban the gulls from flying in too?  Arrest a pelican for eating a fish on the beach?  SARASOTA COUNTY ORDINANCE!!  This government at all levels needs a serious dose of Patrick Henry.  I vote idiots and I do opposition research.  I hope your records' are clean Sarasota County commissioners whether your Republican or Democrat.


A video posted on YouTube by a Siesta Key resident seems like something a visitors bureau would love.

Enlarge |
Former Sarasota resident Wade Pitzer walks with one of his parrots and his daughter on Siesta Key Beach recently.
It is about John Lieurance's love for the beach there, the kind of place, he says and demonstrates, where you can ride your bike on the wet sand and "you can take your parrot!"
The video shows him pedaling casually at the water's edge with his parrot perched happily on a backpack.
I'd say he needs to run a correction now. He's wrong about Siesta Key. It is not at all a place where you can bring a parrot to the beach, thanks to rigid enforcement by the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office.
On Memorial Day, a middle-age visitor from Land O'Lakes — former Sarasota resident Wade Pitzer — had just arrived on the beach with his wife and young daughter. Pitzer had their two small monk parrots on his shoulder.
It was, once again, a scene any visitors' bureau should pay to have flashed around the world. A couple of people had already asked to have their picture taken with him and the birds, Pitzer says.
Then Deputy Christian McGregor approached Pitzer on an ATV and told Pitzer the parrots had to go. A county ordinance bans pets at the beach, the deputy said.
That's true. The ordinance bans dogs and cats "and other pets."
Of course, the beach is much frequented by birds. Gulls, herons, pelicans, egrets, and numerous other wild bird species are all over. Signs advise people to enjoy the birds. And so, I'm guessing parrots were not what county commissioners were worried about when they passed that ordinance.
"I didn't bring my llama or my pig," Pitzer told me.


Anonymous said...

You need to catch up on your local politics. The Sarasota County Commission is 100% Republican and has been for 40 years.....

Unknown said...

Ive been a registered republican for 25 years. And yes, I know The Sarasota county commission is 100% republican. SO..........How did this happen?????? Thus lies the problem. I highly doubt Ronald Reagan would have voted for that ordinance. Read Ann Coulter you might learn how a real conservative snubs their noses at Libtards.

Unknown said...

The folly that lies within the modern day republican party, is not bashing liberals, its when their own pass a county ordinance that a liberal would love.


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