Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Libtard of the week again Harry? Libtard of the century Nominee.

This degenerate Harry "Dingy" Reid says we should focus on other issues.  Like what?  You broke the law you filth.  WOULD YOU VOTERS IN NEVADA GET RID OF THIS COMPLETE SCUMBAG AND TAKE SCHUMER WITH HIM???

Harry Reid is quite possibly the most dirty and corrupt Senator in the US Congress.  He has a long history of questionable land deals, alleged connections to shady characters, and possible campaign finance law violations.
Besides being dirty and corrupt, he is also not a nice person.  Harry Reid took to the Senate floor to call people liars when they shared their Obamacare horror stories.  For that, Greta Van Susteren called him a bully.
Harry Reid changed the rules of the Senate, the so-called nuclear option, that enables President Obama to stack the courts with partisan nominees by lowering the threshold of confirmation votes.  It is things like that that have earned Reid the title of “most hated leader” in Congress.

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