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Remember Mr. Roarke & Tatoo

The invisible anti-war Left

Letter from Joe Gruters:  Sarasota Republican Party Chairman

Dear Republicans & Conservatives,

Everything is upside down and backwards for Democrats from 2003, and it screams of management incompetence at the top and philosophic corruption on the Left.

Recall that in 2001 and in 2003, President Bush requested and received Congressional approval for the wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq. We did not find the WMD that every nation said was there — which has since colored the Iraq war — but it was 100% constitutional and legal.
Code Pink, Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore and the rest of the Left cast howled about Bush’s illegal war. U.S. Sen. Barak Obama inveighed against the Iraq surge — which turned out to be wildly successful — and questioned the legality of the war.

Fast forward. President Obama ordered U.S. military forces to attack Libya last year in support of insurgents there wanting to overthrow Col. Muammar Gaddafi. He did so under the NATO umbrella, but without Congressional approval, albiet by “leading from behind,” according to a spokesman.

So far the results have been an apparent Al-Quaida takeover of Libya and the Benghazi slaughter — and following coverup — of our Ambassador to Libya.
The response from the Dixie Chicks anti-war Left that bleated constantly about Bush’s illegal war? Nothing. Quiet as mice.

Now Obama is planning again to order the military to intervene in the Middle East with some sort of strike against Syrian dictator Assad. More than 100,000 people have died in Syria’s civil war and we did not propose acting. But 100 die from a chemical attack and we are planning a military strike. Obama’s reckless comments about a red line put him in the position of using the military to save face, which is just wrong.

And again, Obama feels no compunction to get any approval or consent from Congress. He may back off after Britain’s Prime Minister was rebuffed in a vote of Parliament — yes, the country we broke away from to create our democracy had a vote on their countrymen going to war.

The response from the traditional, college-kid anti-war Left? Nothing. Everything is fine — except forgive all my loans!

Candidate Obama railed against Gitmo and promised to close it because Code Pink and Hollywood the rest of the anti-war left were screaming (laughably) about the abuses and illegalities there. Well, Gitmo is still open because Obama has seen the very obvious need for it. Basically, Bush was right.

And the anti-war Left that heckled Bush relentlessly? Crickets. It’s there guy, so it’s OK. That’s ideological corruption.

What little credibility any of those folks may have had is long gone. They are philosophically weak partisans rooting for their team and against Republicans. And that’s the depth of it. It’s just a shame the media gives them any air time, because they are vacuous.

It’s hard to know what they really believe. Sure, they generally want more government control, higher taxes, weaker laws for criminals, racial strife, welfare dependency, mothers and doctors free to kill unborn babies, a centrally planned economy and making the institution of marriage meaningless. But they will cave anytime for political gain.

This is what most of us conservatives refuse to do. We call our leadership when it travels non-conservative routes and demand an explanation. We make full use of the First Amendment and even go after incumbent officeholders sometimes. If we elect them based on conservative promises and they break those promises, we don’t meekly stay quiet.

It’s why the media thinks it is always seeing division and strife in the Republican Party. It’s because we are full of vibrant ideas and deeply held values and if Mr. Smith goes to Washington and becomes part of the system of destructive, rights-denying big government, we seek someone else to represent the cause of freedom.

This may at times appear to hurt us in a political moment, but it makes us stronger at the core in the long run. Because if we don’t retain our principles…then never mind

It’s obvious, we still do.

Thanks for being informed and engaged.

Joe Gruters

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If Obama Still Had A Grandfather He Would Look Like Delbert Belton | RedState

If Obama Still Had A Grandfather He Would Look Like Delbert Belton | RedState

Bob Filner’s (D) legacy: sexual predation (alleged), seal poop.

Bob Filner’s (D) legacy: sexual predation (alleged), seal poop.

Navy ready to launch first strike on Syria

Britain is planning to join forces with America and launch military action against Syria within days in response to the gas attack believed to have been carried out by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces against his own people.

A couple mourn over the dead bodies of Syrian men after the alleged poisonous gas attack  Photo: AP
Royal Navy vessels are being readied to take part in a possible series of cruise missile strikes, alongside the United States, as military commanders finalise a list of potential targets.
Government sources said talks between the Prime Minister and international leaders, including Barack Obama, would continue, but that any military action that was agreed could begin within the next week.


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Pat Buchanan: 'Whites Are the Only Group That You Can Discriminate Against Legally in America Now'

Syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan made a statement Friday guaranteed to make liberal media members' heads spin.
During a discussion about Affirmative Action on PBS's McLaughlin Group, Buchanan said, "Whites are the only group that you can discriminate against legally in America now" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

Read more:

Back to school supplies visual

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2016 President: Republican Outsiders Rising


Our most recent rating of Republican presidential contenders features a top tier of three notably different candidates: A Midwestern governor (Scott Walker) who is known best by the activists who will help decide the nomination; a leading national figure (Chris Christie) who has irked conservatives; and a firebrand senator (Rand Paul) with devoted supporters who would shake up the party’s platform and, perhaps, identity.

Chart 1: Updated Crystal Ball Republican presidential rankings

First Tier
CandidateKey AdvantagesKey DisadvantagesSince Last Update
Scott Walker
Governor, WI
•Midwest GOP gov. in Obama state
•Heroic conservative credentials
•Shown political durability
•Too bland? Next Pawlenty?
•Might not deliver home state
•Would highly motivate left/labor
Chris ChristieGovernor, NJ•Dynamic speaker
•Shown ability to pursue conservative agenda in Blue state
•Less is more — the future slogan of a svelte Chris Christie?
•Superstorm Sandy fallout
•Not conservative enough for base?
•Loose cannon
Rand Paul
Senator, KY
•Tea Party favorite
•Strong support from libertarian GOP wing
•National ID and fundraising network
•Too libertarian?
•Association with out-of-mainstream father
•Too dovish/eclectic for GOP tastes?
Second Tier
Marco Rubio
Senator, FL
•Dynamic speaker and politician
•From most electorally valuable swing state
•Future tough votes in Senate; has and will have federal record 
•Vetting issues regarding family 
•Could he really deliver more Hispanic votes?
Ted Cruz
Senator, TX
•Tea Party favorite
•Texas fundraising
•Conservative voting record
•Too extreme?
•Disliked on both sides of the Senate aisle
•Eligibility questions
Rick Santorum
Fmr. Senator, PA
•Strong support from social conservatives
•2nd place finisher in ‘12 – next in line?
•Bring around primary track
•Too conservative for general election?
•Lost last Senate race by 17%
•Foot-in-mouth troubles
Third Tier
Bobby Jindal
Governor, LA
•Brings diversity
•Southerner in Southern party
•Extensive state/fed. experience
•Controversial governorship
•Not nationally vetted
•Not a dynamic speaker
Paul Ryan
Representative, WI
•2012 VP candidate – next in line?
•General election experience
•Strong conservative record
•May not want to run
•Couldn’t help Romney carry WI
•Not a dynamic campaigner
Rick Perry
Governor, TX
•Strong conservative credentials
•Texas fundraising
•Extensive executive experience
•Ran very poor 2012 race 
•”Oops,” we forgot the rest
Wild Card?
John Kasich
Governor, OH
•Swing state
•Long conservative record
•Ohio’s unemployment below national average
•Supports Medicaid expansion
•Legislative resistance to budget
•Abrasive personality


“These Are People With Real Lives, Real Careers”…

And the people left to die in Benghazi didn’t have “real lives?”


Political Memorabilia Exchange: Buy and sell political memorabilia.

A place to offer political buttons, badges, ribbons, posters and misc historical items for sale or trade to other collectors.

I buy Political Memorabilia 352-292-2736.

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Edward Snowden documents show NSA broke privacy rules

he US National Security Agency (NSA) broke privacy rules and overstepped its legal authority thousands of times in the past two years, according to documents leaked by Edward Snowden.
The incidents resulted in the unauthorised electronic surveillance of US citizens, according to documents published by the Washington Post.
Mr Snowden, a former NSA contractor, has leaked top secret documents to the US and British media.
He has been given asylum in Russia.
On Thursday, the Washington Post posted on its website a selection of documents it said had been provided by Mr Snowden, who fled the US in June after providing documents detailing NSA surveillance programmes to the Guardian and Washington Post newspapers.

Friday, August 9, 2013


Cellphone video recorded by an eyewitness captured a police officer in Santa Ana, Calif., fatally shooting a 22-year-old homeless man at a shopping center earlier this week.
The unidentified witness reportedly saw a confrontation unfold between a police officer and victim Hans Kevin Arellano. The incident occurred in the parking lot of the Harbor Place Shopping Center at about 3 p.m. on Tuesday.
Here’s how the eyewitness described the events to CBS Los Angeles:
“She exited her patrol car, gun drawn, and asked the gentlemen to get on the ground. The gentlemen didn’t get on the ground, he was still inside the restaurant. She asked again. The man then exited the restaurant, and as he was exiting the restaurant, he said, ‘What are you gonna do, b—-?’ About a second later, she shot him in the chest.”
Watch CBS LA’s video report HERE, which includes some of the exclusive video of the shooting 

The Obambi tales of Al-Qiada

I like Ink

My Beautiful friend Jessica Sayles

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The civil rights act was passed in 1964!!!!!!

Stop blaming everyone else for your problems!!

Borrowed from Randy's Roundtable: Thursday night Tart Selma Teer

Interesting New Gun Case from Massachusetts’ Highest Court

From One of my Favorite Blogs the Volokh Conspiracy:

Simkin is a New Hampshire resident and a federally licensed firearms dealer who is engaged in the “buying and selling [of] firearms in the region, from private parties, at gun shows, and at auctions.” Since 2002, he has held a temporary nonresident Class A unrestricted license to carry firearms in Massachusetts. In February, 2009, Simkin applied to the bureau for a renewal of his license, stating as his purpose for requesting the renewal that he traveled in and through Massachusetts for business purposes, carrying firearms, ammunition, and cash, and carried concealed firearms for personal protection. The bureau renewed his license.
On November 6, 2009, Simkin traveled to Stoneham for a medical appointment. At the medical office, and in order to protect his privacy, Simkin used a pseudonym (“Horace Jones”) and registered under a Maryland address. He also declined to provide a phone number, and, at the conclusion of the medical examination, paid the $1,500 bill in cash. Prior to disrobing in the examination room, Simkin informed the medical assistant that he was armed and proceeded to secure his weapons (two firearms, ammunition, and four knives) in a locked briefcase for the duration of the examination. Employees of the medical office were “alarmed” and “concerned for their safety” based on Simkin’s conduct, and one of the employees contacted Stoneham police much later that day to report their concerns....
By letter dated November 13, 2009, [Firearms Records Bureau] director Jason A. Guida informed Simkin that his license was thereby revoked because, on the basis of the information provided to him by McKinnon and the manager of the medical office regarding the incident on November 6, Guida determined that Simkin was no longer a “suitable person” to possess a firearm in Massachusetts. Specifically, Guida made this determination on the basis that (1) Simkin’s visit to the medical office while “heavily armed” fell outside the “business activity” of buying and selling firearms that Simkin indicated on his license application as the reason he sought the license; (2) Simkin caused “fear and alarm” at the medical office; and (3) Simkin used a false name in order to conceal his identity.
The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court unanimously reversed the denial of Simkin’s license (some paragraph breaks added):
Although the bureau is correct that a license holder’s conduct need not constitute a violation of the law or statutorily disqualify the license holder in order to form the basis for a revocation on unsuitability grounds, the bureau’s discretion to make a suitability determination is not without limits. A revocation will be overturned as arbitrary or capricious where “no reasonable ground” exists to support it.
Even when viewed in their totality, Simkin’s arguably unusual but otherwise innocuous actions did not provide a “reasonable ground” to deem him no longer a “suitable person” to carry firearms. This is particularly the case where the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security or its designee has not promulgated any regulations governing suitability, and therefore has provided applicants and license holders with little guidance on what it means to be a “suitable person.” In the absence of any such regulations, individual suitability determinations become more susceptible to attack on the ground that they are arbitrary and capricious.
Simkin held an unrestricted Class A license to carry firearms. Although Simkin indicated on his license application that he sought the license for reasons of personal protection related to his business activities, the license itself carried no restrictions; it entitled Simkin to carry firearms “for all lawful purposes.” The argument that Simkin’s carrying of firearms to his medical appointment demonstrated unsuitability because the appointment was not related to his business activities is therefore meritless.
The contention that Simkin’s being “heavily armed” contributed to his unsuitability is similarly meritless, where that characterization originated with the manager of the medical office (of unknown expertise with firearms), and where Simkin’s license permitted him to carry more than one firearm. [FN: Simkin vehemently objects to the bureau's contention that he was "heavily armed." He insists that he was "adequately armed," taking into account the risk that one or more of his firearms might malfunction. As his counsel articulated at oral argument, "'The rule' is: One gun, no gun; two guns, one gun; three guns, two guns."]
Next, we suspect that the average Massachusetts resident may become “alarmed” on learning that someone other than a law enforcement officer is carrying concealed weapons in his or her presence. However, Simkin is not responsible for alarm caused to others by his mere carrying of concealed weapons pursuant to a license permitting him to do exactly that.
Although the bureau claims that Simkin “went out of his way to show and inform certain staff members that he was ... armed,” the record indicates otherwise. Simkin concealed his weapons until he was in the examination room and was about to disrobe, at which time he notified the medical assistant that he was carrying concealed weapons and was going to secure them, presumably so that she would not be alarmed. Further, he had disclosed the fact that he was armed immediately prior to disrobing during a previous visit to the same medical office, albeit to a different practitioner, and had received no objection to his behavior either during or after the visit.
Finally, there is the matter of Simkin’s concealment of his true identity at the medical office. The record shows that Simkin used a pseudonym and provided indirect contact information for the purpose of protecting his medical privacy. There is no suggestion that Simkin was attempting to commit a crime or perpetrate a fraud. Once he learned that the authorities (specifically, Detective McKinnon) wished to speak to him regarding his license, he was compliant and forthright. This is therefore not a case where an applicant or license holder has attempted to mislead the licensing authority.

Obambi – Priorities USA

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The man who would have stopped Watergate

John Volpe and Richard Nixon are shown. | AP Photos
John Volpe as VP would have been able to head off Watergate, the author says. | AP Photos
On Aug. 8, 1968, Republican presidential nominee Richard Nixon made a fateful decision at the Miami convention. In the last hour before he was to announce his choice of a running mate, he switched Secret Service protection from John Volpe of Massachusetts to Maryland’s Spiro Agnew — and lost the partner who could have prevented the Watergate scandal that destroyed his presidency.
After an all-night series of meetings with close political aides and senior GOP leaders, Nixon had narrowed his choice to Volpe and Agnew. Both Northeastern governors met Nixon’s VP criteria: (1) relatively unknown nationally, neither would divert the focus from the top of the ticket, (2) as political moderates, they would not alienate either major wing of the party, (3) they would appeal to important voting blocs and (4) both were proven vigorous campaigners.

Read more:

Al Qaeda Is On The Run

DHS Extinguishes 197 Million People’s 4th Amendment Rights In Constitution Free Zones

Constitution Free Zones are what The Department of Homeland Security has established. The federal agency isn’t really securing the borders, but they are extinguishing the Fourth Amendment rights of nearly 197 million American citizens within 100 miles of the border….and the ocean.

Before I begin, isn’t this really what “Freedom of the Press” is supposed to be about? Doesn’t it exist to keep elected officials and things they do in check and expose corruption and lawlessness? Yeah, I thought so too, but we aren’t hearing this on the evening news, are we?
Anthony Gucciardi reports on these “Constitution Free Zones” where law breaking DHS is violating your constitutionally protected rights.

According to Gucciardi, “Within this fabricated ‘border’, the DHS can search your electronic belongings for no reason. We’re talking about no suspicion, no reasonable cause, nothing. No reason whatsoever is required under their own regulations.”
Is DHS above the law of the land? Absolutely not. However, the question I have for Congress is “Why are you guys not reining in this agency and calling out their unconstitutional actions?”
Strangely enough, the border for these Constitution Free Zones includes not only Mexico and Canada, but also states like Oregon, New York, North and South Carolina and various other coastal states, even Alaska! Below is a graphic showing the area in which DHS will take your computer or other electronic devices, search your belongings and shake you down without a warrant and without cause and claim they are within the law.

Read more at 

This is a must READ!!!!!!! Cynthia Lee Meyers - what really happened to her brother

I checked Snopes and Truth or Fiction before forwarding this one .  Both sites not only confirmed the authenticity of this letter, but further added that Myers was also interviewed on Fox News.  This is quite an eye-opener to say the least.

Cynthia Lee Myers Wanted to share the truth of what happened over in Libya
to our Ambassador Stevens and the other 3 who died on 9/11-12/13.....please
read....and pass it on if you like.  Thanks
"Here is my story.   A week out the Embassy in Tripoli began receiving
multiple tips about an Al Queda cell in the area planning an attack on 9/11
in response to the killing of Bin Laden.   For the next several days, the
State Dept and White House were asked for a security force and were denied
at least six times.  Ambassador Stevens and his team were given the all
clear that The Consulate in Benghazi was safe and there was no need for a
security force other than his 3 personal guards(One being my cousin) and a
few Libyans who were not armed. Then the attack and murders occurred.
Immediately the WH claimed it was a protest gone bad over a you tube video.
Obama made a quick speech in the Rose Garden on Sept.12 before catching a
plane to Vegas to campaign.  He made a generic statement at the end of his
speech after placing the blame on an overheated protest over the video.  He
said  "No act of terror will shake the resolve of America.  Later that day
and over the next 2 days, the liberal media began saying Ambassador Stevens
and the other 3 men died of smoke inhalation. This was not the case. Out of
respect for my cousin, I'm not going to be specific about his murder.
However Ambassador Stevens was brutally murdered. His genitals were cut off,
he was sodomized and beaten and cut and stabbed and burned. He was drug thru
the streets and left for dead. This is eyewitness testimony of a local Dr.
who found the Ambassador in a ditch and tried to save his life.  He had no
idea who he was. The other 3 men, including my cousin, met similar fates.
And deaths due to smoke inhalation is a 100% fabricated LIE. The next week I
drove my aunt and Uncle and 2 others to DC to receive his body.  We met with
Hillary, Panetta, and Susan Rice.  ALL of whom apologized and said it was a
protest gone bad over a video and exited the area.  Next Obama entered with
the same story and didn't apologize and wasn't sympathetic.  My aunt cried
to this man and all he did was hand her flowers and walk away.  I tried to
get his attention, but didn't. I got upset and yelled liar to him, he kept
walking. Then a secret service agent grabbed my arm and led me to a room
where I was held till the proceedings were over.   America, I saw firsthand
how cold this man is.  What kind of liar he is.  Most of you haven't a clue
about this tyrant and yet you support him and act like every word he says is
Gospel.  These murders and the fast and furious cover ups make Watergate
look like, a kid who told his bff's secret to the class.  We must stop this
man, and please pass this story along."

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How Police All Over the US Grab Cash, Cars, Even Homes from the Innocent

naked capitalism


Kristin Davis, NYC Comptroller Candidate, Arrested For Selling Prescription Drugs

A candidate for New York City comptroller was arrested Tuesday for selling prescription drugs.
According to a criminal complaint, Kristin Davis, a former Manhattan madam, allegedly sold hundreds of Adderall, Xanax and ecstasy pills to an informant cooperating with the FBI.

Lawsuit seeks to restore FOIA access to NSC records

Lawsuit seeks to restore FOIA access to NSC records

FBI Arrests Mayors Of Miami Lakes & Sweetwater

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested the mayors of Miami Lakes and Sweetwater Tuesday on bribery charges.
The arrests, first reported by CBS4 news partner the Miami Herald, will be separate cases involving different people.
Both Mayor Michael Pizzi and Mayor Manuel Maroño were taken into custody at their respective city hall offices and appeared in federal court Tuesday afternoon, according to the Herald.
Both Pizzi and Maroño were charged with conspiracy to commit extortion. Pizzi’s bond was set at $100,000 and Maroño’s was set at $250,000. Both were released from federal custody early Tuesday evening.
In addition, two lobbyists were also arrested Tuesday.
According to U.S. Attorney Wilfredo Ferrer, Moroño received roughly $40,000 in bribes since 2002. Ferrer said Pizzi received $6,750 in bribes.
“There was like seven or eight FBI agents,” a witness to the arrests named Raul told CBS4′s David Sutta. “I always knew that guy was a corrupt mother…I’m sorry. He was a bad guy. This guy didn’t do anything for Sweetwater. I always knew he had something going on.”
Governor Rick Scott released a statement within an hour of the arrest that read, “This is disappointing. Public officials must be held to the highest standards. While we wait to see the evidence, the fact remains that elected officials must be held to the highest standard.”

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The origin of present day Political Correctness

The master Clinton War machine started it (have to commend him, he's the most skilled campaigner ever, had nothing against him he actually helped businesses and told most liberals to bite it). It's about money and getting votes. Hillary is right around the corner. She has done nothing for this country but raise money from extremely wealthy people whose love fest continues with degenerate Barry (But BARRY actually wants to thwart business). Please don't fall for it again. ( do you really think Matt damon will give you $1,000,000??) (Do you think matt Damon will ever be audited by the IRS???) Make Money, love your family and remember, Dan Rostenkowski was elected to Congress with a net worth of $18,000 and 18 years later declared a net worth of $40,000,000 on a salary average of $210,000 per annum. Do the math??? I'm not saying Republicans didnt do it, (Tom Delay??) Rostenkowski spent a little time in Jail too. I'd rather earn it the old fashioned way, non-cronyism. Barack Obama's net worth will surpass $40 -$50 million dollars when he's done. Mark my word. Mitt Romney Made $200,000,000 outside of politics. And they still fall for it.

Thus My Revolution begins!

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Privacy Protests: Surveillance Evasion and Fourth Amendment Suspicion

Elizabeth E. Joh 

U.C. Davis School of Law

Arizona Law Review, Vol. 55, No. 4, (2013), Forthcoming 

The police tend to think that those who evade surveillance are criminals. Yet the evasion may only be a protest against the surveillance itself. Faced with the growing surveillance capacities of the government, some people object. They buy "burners" (prepaid phones) or "freedom phones" from Asia that have had all tracking devices removed, or they hide their smartphones in ad hoc Faraday cages that block their signals. They use to surf the internet. They identify tracking devices with GPS detectors. They avoid credit cards and choose cash, prepaid debit cards, or bitcoins. They burn their garbage. At the extreme end, some "live off the grid" and cut off all contact with the modern world.

These are all examples of what I call privacy protests: actions individuals take to block or to thwart government surveillance for reasons that are unrelated to criminal wrongdoing. Those engaged in privacy protests do so primarily because they object to the presence of perceived or potential government surveillance in their lives. How do we tell the difference between privacy protests and criminal evasions, and why does it matter? Surprisingly scant attention has been given to these questions, in part because Fourth Amendment law makes little distinction between ordinary criminal evasions and privacy protests. This article discusses the importance of these ordinary acts of resistance, their place in constitutional criminal procedure, and their potential social value in the struggle over the meaning of privacy.

Number of Pages in PDF File: 32
Keywords: police, criminal procedure, Fourth Amendment, privacy, surveillance, anonymity, internet, protest, technology, hacker, drones, cell phones, Tor, suspicion

Date posted: June 26, 2013 ; Last revised: July 9, 2013

Predictive Policing and Reasonable Suspicion (Part II)

Predictive Policing and Reasonable Suspicion (Part II)

Obama's dismal employment record

Actually I betcha he's proud of this.  He wants people more and more dependant on government.  It's why he even ran for office in the first place.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Charlie Rangel: Tea Party Is ‘Same Group’ Of ‘White Crackers’ Who Fought Civil Rights

I just don't get it.  This is a rascist slur!!!   Not a fucking thing done about it.

In an interview with the Daily Beast published Friday, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) suggested Tea Partiers are the "same group" who fought for segregation during the Civil Rights movement. 
“It is the same group we faced in the South with those white crackers and the dogs and the police. They didn’t care about how they looked," Rangel said.
Because of this, Rangel said the Tea Party could be defeated using the same tactics employed against Jim Crow. 
"It was just fierce indifference to human life that caused America to say enough is enough. ‘I don’t want to see it and I am not a part of it.’ What the hell! If you have to bomb little kids and send dogs out against human beings, give me a break,” said Rangel. 


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