The $5 Candidate Profile Report

I will prepare a mini-profile of any political candidate running for office

DO YOU KNOW WHO YOUR POLITICAL OPPONENT IS?  Do you really know who you are voting for?

I help conservative political candidates and voters by providing a mini-oppo report of their political opponent or candidate.

We will look for :
  • Education
  • Criminal Record hits.  (extensive background checks are additional costs)
  • Voting records if office previously held
  • Residence
  • Tax records
  • Previous employment
  • Social Media
  • Philanthropic involvement
  • Public Statements

Upon completion you will be provided with a 3 page biography and screenshot of these findings.

If you have any  questions please feel free to  contact us.  

Don't get burned for not doing your due diligence.
We pride ourselves on using the most discrete of methods when obtaining information. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Founded in 1986  as one of the premier conservative opposition research and political intelligence consulting firms.

For the $5 gig (per candidate)  you will receive, via email, a three page biographical sketch created exclusively for your campaign or decisionmaking.

More Extensive Opposition research such as donor vetting, vulnerability studies, field ops. in-depth background and investigative intelligence services available, call for rates.

Thank You!
Todd Klimson 
The Klimson Group
Opposition Research and Political Intelligence
4037 Crockers Lake Blvd
Unit 2028
Sarasota, FL 34238
Phone: (352) 292-2736 

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