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Video: Krauthammer- EPA crucifixion is Obama policy - just wait until 2nd term

The radical EPA crucifier exposes Obama's real energy policies. Obama promised he would make electricity rates "skyrocket", appointed an energy secretary that WANTED higher gas prices "like those in Europe", has REDUCED drilling permits on federal areas by 36% and has issued regulations which are shutting down coal plants that supply 60% of American electricity. Krauthammer warns that this is just the beginning if Obama gets a second term. Four more years of economic suicide?

Is a Facebook “Like” Not “Substantive” Enough to “Warrant[] Constitutional Protection”?

So holds Bland v. Roberts (E.D. Va. Apr. 24, 2012). Plaintiffs were fired from the Hampton, Virginia Sheriff’s Office, and they claim that this was because they backed the Sheriff’s opponent in an election, Jim Adams. In particular, two of the plaintiffs, Carter and McCoy, claim that they were fired for “liking” Adams’ page on Facebook.

Firing a government employee based on his speech on matters of public concern is generally unconstitutional. There are exceptions, for instance for speech by a high-level employee whose political affiliation is relevant to the job (such as the Sheriff’s top lieutenant), for speech that’s part of one’s job duties, or for speech that sufficiently disrupts the functioning of the office. But while the judge suggested that some of these exceptions might apply, he did not primarily rely on those exceptions.


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25 Horrible Statistics About The U.S. Economy That Barack Obama Does Not Want You To Know

The human capacity for self-delusion truly is remarkable.  Most people out there end up believing exactly what they want to believe even when the truth is staring them right in the face.  Take the U.S. economy for example.  Barack Obama wants to believe that his policies have worked and that the U.S. economy is improving.  So that is what he is telling the American people.  The mainstream media wants to believe that Barack Obama is a good president and that his policies make sense and so they are reporting that we are experiencing an economic recovery.  A very large segment of the U.S. population still fully supports Barack Obama and they want to believe that the economy is getting better so they are buying the propaganda that the mainstream media is feeding them.  But is the U.S. economy really improving?  The truth is that it is not.  The rate of employment among working age Americans is exactly where it was two years ago and household incomes have actually gone down while Obama has been president.  Home ownership levels and home prices continue to decline.  Meanwhile, food and gasoline continue to become even more expensive.  The percentage of Americans that are dependent on the government is at an all-time record high and the U.S. national debt has risen by more than 5 trillion dollars under Obama.  We simply have not seen the type of economic recovery that we have seen after every other economic recession since World War II.
The horrible statistics about the U.S. economy that you are about to read are not talked about much by the mainstream media.  They would rather be "positive" and "upbeat" about the direction that things are headed.
But lying to the American people is not going to help them.  If you are speeding in a car toward a 500 foot cliff, you don't need someone to cheer you on.  Instead, you need someone to slam on the brakes.
The cold, hard reality of the matter is that the U.S. economy is in far worse shape than it was four or five years ago.
We have never come close to recovering from the last recession and another one will be here soon.
The following are 25 horrible statistics about the U.S. economy that Barack Obama does not want you to know....
#1 The percentage of Americans that own homes is dropping rapidly.  According to Gallup, the current level of homeownership in the United States is the lowest that Gallup has ever measured.
#2 Home prices in the U.S. continue to fall like a rock as well.  They have declined for six months in a row and are now down a total of 35 percent from the peak of the housing bubble.  The last time that home prices in the United States were this low was back in 2002.
#3 Last year, an astounding 53 percent of all U.S. college graduates under the age of 25 were either unemployed or underemployed.
#4 Back in 2007, about 10 percent of all unemployed Americans had been out of work for 52 weeks or longer.  Today, that number is above 30 percent.
#5 When Barack Obama first became president, the number of "long-term unemployed workers" in the United States was 2.6 million.  Today, it is 5.3 million.
#6 The average duration of unemployment in the United States is about three times as long as it was back in the year 2000.
#7 Despite what the mainstream media would have us to believe, the truth is that the percentage of working age Americans that are employed is not increasing.  Back in March 2010, 58.5 percent of all working age Americans were employed.  In March 2011, 58.5 percent of all working age Americans were employed. In March 2012, 58.5 percent of all working age Americans were employed.  So how can Barack Obama and the mainstream media claim that the employment situation in the United States is getting better?  The employment rate is still essentially exactly where it was when the last recession supposedly ended.
#8 Back in 1950, more than 80 percent of all men in the United States had jobs.  Today, less than 65 percent of all men in the United States have jobs.
#9 In 1962, 28 percent of all jobs in America were manufacturing jobs.  In 2011, only 9 percent of all jobs in America were manufacturing jobs.
#10 In some areas of Detroit, Michigan you can buy a three bedroom home for just $500.
#11 According to one recent survey, approximately one-third of all Americans are not paying their bills on time at this point.
#12 Since Barack Obama entered the White House, the price of gasoline has risen by more than 100 percent.
#13 The student loan debt bubble continues to expand at a very frightening pace.  Recently it was announced that total student loan debt in the United States has passed the one trillion dollar mark.
#14 Incredibly, one out of every four jobs in the United States pays $10 an hour or less at this point.
#15 Household incomes all over the United States continue to fall.  After adjusting for inflation, median household income in America has declined by 7.8 percent since December 2007.
#16 Over the past several decades, government dependence has risen to unprecedented heights in the United States.  The following is how I described the explosive growth of social welfare benefits in one recent article....
Back in 1960, social welfare benefits made up approximately 10 percent of all salaries and wages.  In the year 2000, social welfare benefits made up approximately 21 percent of all salaries and wages.  Today, social welfare benefits make up approximately 35 percent of all salaries and wages.
#17 In November 2008, 30.8 million Americans were on food stamps.  Today, more than 46 million Americans are on food stamps.
#18 Right now, more than 25 percent of all American children are on food stamps.
#19 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, today 49 percent of all Americans live in a home that receives some form of benefits from the federal government.
#20 Over the next 75 years, Medicare is facing unfunded liabilities of more than 38 trillion dollars.  That comes to $328,404 for each and every household in the United States.
#21 During the first quarter of 2012, U.S. public debt rose by 359.1 billion dollars.  U.S. GDP only rose by 142.4 billion dollars.
#22 At this point, the U.S. national debt is rising by more than 2 million dollars every single minute.
#23 The U.S. national debt has risen by more than 5 trillion dollars since the day that Barack Obama first took office.  In a little more than 3 years Obama has added more to the national debt than the first 41 presidents combined.
#24 The Federal Reserve bought up approximately 61 percent of all government debt issued by the U.S. Treasury Department during 2011.
#25 The Federal Reserve continues to systematically destroy the value of the U.S. dollar.  Since 1970, the U.S. dollar has lost more than 83 percent of its value.
But the horrible economic statistics only tell part of the story.
In communities all over America there is a feeling that something fundamental has changed.  Businesses that have been around for generations are shutting their doors and there is a lot of fear in the air.  The following is a brief excerpt from a recent interview with Richard Yamarone, the senior economist at Bloomberg Brief....
You have to listen to what the small businesses are telling you and right now they are telling you, ‘Hey, I’m the head of a 3rd or 4th generation, 75 or 100 year old business, and I’ve got to shut the doors’ or ‘I’ve got to let people go. And if I’m hiring anybody back, it’s only on a temporary basis.’
Sometimes they do this through a hiring firm so that they can sidestep paying unemployment benefit insurance. So that’s what’s really going on at the grassroots level of the economy. Very, very, grossly different from what you’re seeing in some of these numbers coming out in earnings releases.”
All over the country, millions of hard working Americans are desperately looking for work.  They have been told that "the recession is over", but they are still finding it incredibly difficult to find anyone that will hire them.  The following example is from a recent CNN article....
Joann Cotton, a 54-year-old Columbus, Mississippi, resident, was one of those faces of poverty we met on the tour. Unemployed for three years, Joann has gone from making "$60,000 a year to less than $15,000 overnight." Her husband is disabled and dependent on medicines the couple can no longer afford. They rely on food stamps, which, Joann says, "is depressing as hell."
Receiving government aid, however, has not been as depressing as her job search. Joann says she has applied for at least 300 jobs. Even though she can barely afford gas, she drives to the interviews only to learn that the employers want to hire younger candidates at low wages.
The experiences have taken a toll: "I've aged 10 years in the three years that I've been looking for a job," Joann told us. "I want to get a job so I can just relax and exhale ... but I can't. After a while you just give up."
Meanwhile, Barack Obama and his family continue to live the high life at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer.
Even many Democrats are starting to get very upset about this.  The following is from a recent article by Paul Bedard....
Blue collar Democratic voters, stuck taking depressing “staycations” because they can’t afford gas and hotels, are resentful of the first family’s 17 lavish vacations around the world and don’t want their tax dollars paying for the Obamas’ holidays, according to a new analysis of swing voters.
It simply is not appropriate for the Obamas to be spending millions upon millions upon millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars on luxury vacations when so many Americans are deeply suffering.
But Barack Obama does not want you to know about any of this stuff.
He just wants you to buy his empty propaganda one more time so that he can continue to occupy the White House for another four years.

Breaking: Gold Confiscation? Internal Revenue Service Lays Claim To $18 Trillion Sitting In 401(k) Accounts

Uncle Sam, in a desperate attempt to fix its $16 trillion-plus deficit, is leering over Americans’ retirement nest egg as its new bailout fund.
Capitol Hill politicians are assessing tax changes that could let the Internal Revenue Service lay claim to a portion of the $18 trillion sitting in 401(k) accounts and other tax breaks used by middle-class workers, including cutting the mortgage tax deduction.
A commission looking for ways to close the deficit, and, noting the extent of 401(k) tax breaks, recommends an examination of the system as one way to prevent government bankruptcy.Besides 401(k)s, other possibilities include the mortgage-interest deduction on second homes, as well as benefits from employer-provided health insurance, which are untaxed now.
Under current 401(k) rules, total employee/employer contributions can’t exceed $50,000. In the proposed rule change, employer/employee contributions would be limited to 20 percent of the employee’s compensation, with a maximum of $20,000, the so-called 20/20 proposal.
Another proposal being discussed in Congress says all tax deductions on 401(k)s and IRAs to be replaced with an 18 percent credit. The credit, according to a proposal that has been endorsed by economist William Gale, would be placed directly in a person’s retirement account.
“Unlike the current system,” Gale told Congress, “workers’ and firms’ contributions to employer-based 401(k) accounts would no longer be excluded from income and would be subject to taxation, contributions to IRAs would no longer be tax-deductible and any contributions to a 401(k) plan would be treated as taxable income.”
In other words, the employee and employer would no longer get a deduction under the Gale plan, they would qualify for a credit. And the credit would “increase [government] revenues by about $458 billion,” Gale says.
Last week a group of retirement industry experts went to Capitol Hill to criticize these proposed changes in retirement-plan rules. “These changes could have unintended consequences,” warns Lynn Dudley of the American Benefits Council (ABC).
Testifying before the House Ways and Means Committee about the proposals, Randolf Hardock, of ABC’s board of directors, said, “[The idea] could seriously undermine the retirement savings system.”
Jack VanDerhei, research director of Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), believes either of the two proposed 401(k) changes under review would have a “catastrophic” effect on the current retirement saving system.
The 20/20 plan provisions curtailing non-taxable contributions would freeze out many higher-paid employees from signing up for a 401(k), which could lead some companies, according to critics, to question if plans would still be worth offering employees.
Reducing retirement-plan contributions for those at the higher end of the wage scale will inevitably have a bad effect on those in the middle and at the bottom, ABC’s Dudley says.

Read more: LINK`http``color: #003399;`LINK

Largest Donor to Obama Super PAC Calls Mormonism a 'Cult'

Largest Donor to Obama Super PAC Calls Mormonism a 'Cult'

Citizens United Files Amicus Brief in Montana Case, Urging Summary Reversal

Citizens United Files Amicus Brief in Montana Case, Urging Summary Reversal

Video: CNN Host Gasps When Student Who Took Picture With Obama Refuses To Say She'll Vote For Him

Friday, April 27, 2012

Obama campaign to return accused Ponzi schemer's donation

The Obama campaign will return the donations of an accused Ponzi schemer who is facing an SEC investigation, a campaign official confirms.

"With 1.8 million donors thus far, we constantly review those contributions for issues. In this particular case, we will be refunding the contributions and have placed the funds in escrow until a trusteeship or other appropriate place to return these funds is established given the interests of the investors," a campaign official told POLITICO.

Shervin Neman, a hedge fund manager in Los Angeles, stands accused by the SEC of defrauding members of his California Persian-Jewish community, the conservative Washington Free Beacon reports.
According to the SEC complaint, Neman was running a $7.54 million Ponzi scheme that defrauded at least 11 investors. According to the SEC, 99 percent of the money raised by Neman went to paying existing investors or "funding his lavish lifestyle."

According to public records, Neman gave the maximum $35,800 donation to the Obama campaign and another $30,800 to the Democratic National Committee. He is also a donor to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.).

The Free Beacon also reported that Neman visited the White House in November 2011, and was hosted by the White House director of the Office of Public Engagement Jon Carson.
It's not the first donation that the campaign has returned. Obama bundler and former N.J. Gov. Jon Corzine is facing an investigation into the collapse of his investment firm MF Global. In February, the campaign had to remove bundler Ron Klein for lobbying because of a self-imposed pledge against accepting lobbyist donations. And the New York Times reported earlier this year that one of Obama's top bundlers had ties to a Mexican fugitive whose family was seeking a criminal pardon.


Strassel: The President Has a List

Barack Obama attempts to intimidate contributors to Mitt Romney's campaign.

Try this thought experiment: You decide to donate money to Mitt Romney. You want change in the Oval Office, so you engage in your democratic right to send a check.
Several days later, President Barack Obama, the most powerful man on the planet, singles you out by name. His campaign brands you a Romney donor, shames you for "betting against America," and accuses you of having a "less-than-reputable" record. The message from the man who controls the Justice Department (which can indict you), the SEC (which can fine you), and the IRS (which can audit you), is clear: You made a mistake donating that money.

Are you worried?


Ninth Circuit Holds that Individual Aggrieved by Local Election Recount Procedures Has No Private Right of Action Under HAVA section 301

Ninth Circuit Holds that Individual Aggrieved by Local Election Recount Procedures Has No Private Right of Action Under HAVA section 301

This is his Obama's greatest accomplishment

This video makes him look like he's General Patton.

Exclusive: Sharpton Stands by Brawley, Denies Crown Heights Riot Incitement

Yesterday, at an event in South Los Angeles rallying for the family of Trayvon Martin, Rev. Al Sharpton, host on MSNBC, was interviewed in the parking lot by Breitbart News reporter Christian Hartsock. Here’s the transcript: HARTSOCK: Excuse me, Reverend … Given your role in inciting the Crown Heights riots – SHARPTON: I wasn’t in the Crown Heights riots. HARTSOCK: You weren’t involved in the Crown Heights riots? SHARPTON: No, I came after the Crown Heights riots. Read the state report. We got there three days later and brought the peace. So get your facts right. Sharpton didn’t get his facts right. The Crown Heights riots occurred after young black New Yorker Gavin Cato was hit by a car driven by an Orthodox Jew. Sharpton spoke at the funeral. Here’s what he said: “Talk about how Oppenheimer in South Africa sends diamonds straight to Tel Aviv and deals with the diamond merchants right here in Crown Heights. The issue is not anti-Semitism; the issue is apartheid .... All we want to say is what Jesus said: If you offend one of these little ones, you got to pay for it. No compromise, no meetings, no coffee klatsch, no skinnin' and grinnin'." Later, Sharpton said, “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.” The riots resulted in the murder of an Orthodox Jew, Yankel Rosenbaum. As Rosenbaum’s brother wrote, “Based on everything we have seen and read, Sharpton never called upon the rioters to stop their anti-Semitism-inspired violence. He never called on the rioters to go home. To the contrary, he stirred them up. And three days of anti-Semitic violence became the Crown Heights riots.” HARTSOCK: Okay. And in your role in the Tawana Brawley case – SHARPTON: Yes, I stand by that. And there was no violence. HARTSOCK: You stand by the case? SHARPTON: I stand by many cases. Sharpton standing by Tawana Brawley is incredible. The Tawana Brawley case began for Sharpton in November 1987, when he jumped to her defense after the 15-year-old black girl claimed she had been kidnaped and raped by six whites in Dutchess County, New York. There was no evidence supporting the claims. Nonetheless, Sharpton escalated the rhetoric, eventually stating that Dutchess County assistant prosecutor Steven Pagones had been involved in the rape. “We stated openly that Steven Pagones did it,” said Sharpton. “If we’re lying, sue us, so we can go into court with you and prove you did it. Sue us – sue us right now.” So Pagones sued him for defamation, winning a $345,000 court judgment. Sharpton was on the hook for $65,000 of that. He has never personally paid up. So he hasn’t even stood by his own case. HARTSOCK: Do you feel you’re in a position to be speaking about civil trials? SHARPTON: Sure, because we won the cases of Abner Louima, we won the case of Howard Beach, we won the case of Bensonhurst, I think I’m more qualified to stand than most. I’ve won more cases. And the case you mentioned, Brawley, there was never any violence. You think you’re qualified since you don’t do research properly? HARTSOCK: Do you think you’re qualified to be speaking about racism? SHARPTON: No, I’m asking two questions. No, no, no, we’re not – HARTSOCK: Do you think you’re qualified to be speaking about racism – At this point, Sharpton walks away. This is the Al Sharpton leading the charge on the Trayvon Martin case – a racist extraordinaire, a charlatan, and a liar. And this is the Al Sharpton hired by Phil Griffin to lend gravitas to MSNBC’s evening lineup.

Breaking: What politician has received the most cash thus far, The list!

Top Recipients of Contributions from Lobbyists, 2012 Cycle Check out the list via Center for Responsive Politics

How Newt Gingrich destroyed Rick Perry’s political career - The Hill's Pundits Blog

How Newt Gingrich destroyed Rick Perry’s political career - The Hill's Pundits Blog

Twitter becomes a key real-time tool for campaigns

By Karen Tumulty, Published: April 26The Washington Post The bully pulpit has a new kind of altar call: “Tweet them. We’ve got a hashtag. Here’s the hashtag for you to tweet them: #dontdoublemyrate.” President Obama repeated that Twitter hashtag twice more during a Tuesday speech opposing an increase in student loan interest rates. For good measure, he even had his Chapel Hill, N.C., audience chant it back to him. READ MORE....

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Obama Admin: 'The War on Terror is Over'

This moron will take credit for winning the War on Terror. Moreover, is this thing we call a President really that Naive or perhaps he's trying to hide something. READ THIS: OBAMA ADMIN: THE WAR ON TERROR IS 'OVER' By BEN SHAPIRO, Breitbart News Today, the National Journal reported that a senior State Department official has announced, “The war on terror is over.” “Now that we have killed most of al Qaida,” the source said, “now that people have come to see legitimate means of expression, people who once might have gone into al Qaida see an opportunity for a legitimate Islamism.” The article itself describes the Obama administration’s new vision of foreign policy, which admits no enemies. Everyone, in this view, is a friend. Islamism, says the Obama administration, is just fine, so long as it does not openly support terrorism. This, of course, is utter foolishness. Islamism is a religious ideological movement that brooks no real alternatives – so while the State Department proclaims “a legitimate Islamism,” it fails to acknowledge that Islamism, “legitimate” or not, is deeply intolerant of any other modes of expression. Not only that, but Islamism works hand-in-glove with terror groups around the world. Simply because a regime does not openly house al Qaida does not mean that the regime doesn’t support al Qaida; just because a regime pretends at democracy doesn’t mean that it has real democratic values. Read more:

Is America Embracing the 10 Tenets of the Communist Manifesto?

BRIAN KOENIG New American Tuesday, April 24, 2012 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the purported founders of communism, established in the 19th century a government paradigm that transformed Europe and other regions in the eastern hemisphere, adding to an already expansive repertoire of political ideologies. And the seemingly farfetched assertion that communism could someday take control of America seems, quite simply, unfathomable. But is it really that improbable, or furthermore, has it already ensnared certain sectors of society? READ FURTHER....

Opposition Research Tool: IRS Makes Verifying Exempt Status Easier

Locating information about exempt organizations has gotten a little easier with the introduction of Select Check by the Internal Revenue Service Exempt Organizations Section. Select Check allows users to search for exempt organizations found in IRS Publication 78, smaller organizations filing a 990-N, and those organizations automatically revoked for failing to file for three consecutive years, all in one place. The search engine defaults to finding any search terms in a search string, so place the organization’s name in quotes to save time.

They could be Obama's sons: Twenty blacks attack white male Matthew Owens with chairs, pipes and paint cans, leaving him in critical condition then declaring, "Now that's justice for Trayvon."

This is the second time in a matter of just a few days (see here also) that blacks have decided to beat up a white male in the name of "justice for Trayvon Martin." I await an Obama presser declaring the need for "some soul searching" and a declaration that they could be his sons -- accompanied by outcries from Al sharpton and Jessie Jackson along with the national liberal media lamenting that the attack was racially motivated and that the victim was "profiled" ... but I won't be holding my breath for that which will never happen since it doesn't fit the liberal-progressive's racialist narrative. Related must-read: Sharpton, Jesse J., Mr. Holder: I'm Calling You Out (Mob-violence instigator Al Sharpton, racial shakedown artist Jesse Jackson, and Honorary New Black Panther (HNBP) Eric Holder now have a test: Do they have any shred of decency, humanity, and justice left in their race-hustling souls?) Hat tip -

Pic of the Day: The New and improved Secret Service

Gamechanger: Are you ready for the Republican “sexy frisbee” ad?

This is from Fred Karger, whose current odds at the nomination are even longer than Newt’s

Video: Fast and Furious: Will Obama, Holder Come Clean?

Earth Day Protesters

Way to celebrate Earth day Idiots.

Fascism: No warrant needed, no privacy: Judge rules even deleted tweets can be used in court

Your tweets don't actually belong to you. A New York judge ruled no warrant is needed to subpoena public tweets since Twitter is a third party service. So just keep in mind: what you tweet can, and probably will, be used against you in a court of law. READ THE STORY HERE: READ THE OPINION HERE....

New Book: The Voting Wars

Great new book by Professor Rick Hasen of The Election Law Blog.
In 2000, just a few hundred votes out of millions cast in the state of Florida separated Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush from his Democratic opponent, Al Gore. The outcome of the election rested on Florida's 25 electoral votes, and legal wrangling continued for 36 days. Then, abruptly, one of the most controversial Supreme Court decisions in U.S. history, Bush v. Gore, cut short the battle. Since the Florida debacle we have witnessed a partisan war over election rules. Election litigation has skyrocketed, and election time brings out inevitable accusations by political partisans of voter fraud and voter suppression. These allegations have shaken public confidence, as campaigns deploy “armies of lawyers” and the partisan press revs up when elections are expected to be close and the stakes are high. Richard L. Hasen, a respected authority on election law, chronicles and analyzes the battles over election rules from 2000 to the present. From a nonpartisan standpoint he explores the rising number of election-related lawsuits and charges of voter fraud as well as the decline of public confidence in fair results. He explains why future election disputes will be worse than previous ones—more acrimonious, more distorted by unsubstantiated allegations, and amplified by social media. No reader will fail to conclude with Hasen that election reform is an urgent priority, one that demands the attention of conscientious citizens and their elected representatives. Richard L. Hasen is Chancellor’s Professor of Law and Political Science, University of California, Irvine School of Law. He was founding coeditor of the peer-reviewed Election Law Journal and is a frequently quoted expert in the press on election laws. He lives in Studio City, CA.

Formal Complaint To Be Filed Against Zimmerman Prosecutor, Angela Corey

A source has confirmed that a formal complaint for possible financial irregularities pursuant to Angela's Corey's 2008 campaign has been initiated and will be filed against the Zimmerman prosecutor and State Attorney. Yesterday, the website Gawker asked if Corey had sanitized her financial disclosures for her 2008 bid. The report was based upon the work of Joe Culligan's website Web of Deception. Culligan is a long-known and trusted source. READ THE REST VIA RIEHL WORLD VIEW

First criminal charges filed in BP oil spill

Washington (CNN) -- The first criminal charges have been filed in connection with the BP Gulf oil disaster two years ago, the Justice Department said Tuesday.

Former BP engineer Kurt Mix was arrested in Texas on charges of intentionally destroying evidence requested by authorities, officials said.

An estimated 4.9 million barrels (206 million gallons) of crude poured into the Gulf of Mexico after the April 2010 explosion that sank the drill rig Deepwater Horizon and killed 11 men aboard.

Oil spewed into the sea for nearly three months before a cap was placed on the BP-owned Macondo well, nearly a mile beneath the surface.

1 in 2 new graduates are jobless or underemployed

Obama told a class at UNC today that "The American dream is within our reach". What ethyr is he sniffing.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The college class of 2012 is in for a rude welcome to the world of work.

A weak labor market already has left half of young college graduates either jobless or underemployed in positions that don't fully use their skills and knowledge.

Young adults with bachelor's degrees are increasingly scraping by in lower-wage jobs — waiter or waitress, bartender, retail clerk or receptionist, for example — and that's confounding their hopes a degree would pay off despite higher tuition and mounting student loans.

An analysis of government data conducted for The Associated Press lays bare the highly uneven prospects for holders of bachelor's degrees.


Washington sues Florida city over firefighter tests

(Reuters) - The Justice Department sued the city of Jacksonville, Florida, on Monday, claiming its use of written tests to determine promotions in the city's fire department discriminates against African-Americans....The lawsuit also named the local firefighter's union, the Jacksonville Association of Firefighters Local 122, as a defendant since it negotiates the terms of promotion tests with the city.

Story here Via Rueters

Judge of the Day: A State Judge Reveals What’s Underneath His Robe — Via Sext Message

By Staci Zaretsky

Court Bailiff: Detroit Judge Wade McCree Sent a Nearly Nude Photo of Himself to My Cell Phone:

Judge Wade McCree

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, another judge goes and pulls a Weiner. In case you haven’t heard, Wade McCree, a state judge from Michigan, has been accused of sending nearly-nude photos to a bailiff via sext message. That’s right, we’ve got judicial divos posing for male pin-up shots right here in America (sorry to steal your Canadian thunder, Madam Justice Lori Douglas).

As they say on the internet, TTIWWOP — “This Thread Is Worthless Without Pictures.” Well, we’ve got one (safe for work, of course)….

Now, you’d think that a man wearing a bow tie would be conservative, but not Judge McCree. He’s sexy, and he knows it — no, seriously, he really is. Fox Detroit has the story:

Must watch Video: "If I wanted America to fail"

What's ironic is The Free Market America twitter account was shut down for a while after this video was launched by them. Censorship????

Monday, April 23, 2012

Video: Anchor Man enters congressional race. Upset with NBC censorship.

The one twitter tool Political Campaigns are missing.

I just recently discovered Twylah a wonderful twitter tool that allows you to turn your tweets into a fantastic blog. It also comes with a power tweet button that let's you tweet messages instantaneously without going to twitter. This is a must tool for every political campaign. It literally brands your twitter page and better yet brands you.

Check it out

Expert Opposition Research and Online Marketing for Campaigns

Beware: The camera is always watching you!

When Politicians Slip, Video Trackers Are There

April 23, 2012 U.S. election campaigns have become gaffe-centric. Candidates live in fear of letting slip that sentence, or half-sentence, that makes the opposition's day.

Take a town-hall appearance earlier this month by Rep. Allen West, R-Fla.


NRCC Acknowledges Karen Harrington As Being 'On the Radar'

Karen Harrington has received the 'On the Radar' status by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) in their 'Young Guns' candidate program. Karen is honored to be acknowledge by the NRCC, and looks forward to continuing to work closely with the Republican leadership, as well as with other members of the Republican majority in Congress.

"Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz continues to misinform Americans with her extremist rhetoric, as she runs cover for President Obama's failed policies. I look forward to continuing to hold her, her President, their reckless political agenda accountable, as well as continue to demand that she release her tax returns." -Karen Harrington

Here is the NRCC release"

Karen Harrington Advances to ‘On the Radar’
Florida Republican Candidate Takes Second Step to Achieving ‘Young Gun’ Status

Washington --- The National Republican Congressional Committee today announced Karen Harrington as an ‘On the Radar’ candidate, the important second step in the ‘Young Guns’ program. Founded during the 2007-2008 election cycle by Reps. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Paul Ryan (R-WI), the ‘Young Guns’ program is a Member-driven effort that is the primary method for recruiting strong candidates for both open-seat and challenger races. Harrington is running for Florida’s 23rd Congressional District.

“We are looking forward to working with Karen Harrington, who has already proven herself by meeting rigorous benchmarks in the ‘Young Guns’ program that will position her campaign for victory,” said NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX). “Karen Harrington’s dedication and experience enables her to advocate effectively for pro-growth policies and fight the failed status quo in Washington. This will stand in stark contrast to the Obama-Pelosi record of spending, borrowing and taxing that Florida families and small businesses know has failed.”

The ‘Young Guns’ program encourages candidates who have proven their ability to meet crucial campaign benchmarks to develop their campaigns further in order to achieve victory on Election Day. In achieving ‘On the Radar’ status, Karen Harrington has met organizational and fundraising benchmarks and has already begun to establish herself as a strong contender. Harrington will now work toward even higher goals that will help her advance in the ‘Young Guns’ program and build an effective, winning campaign.

Karen Harrington’s story is centered around the pursuit of the American Dream. Her family moved to South Florida in 1969 where they took a chance and opened a restaurant. Today, after 30 years, Karen Harrington and her sister manage all three restaurants of her family’s expanding restaurant business in the South Florida area. Harrington is not only a successful entrepreneur, she is also a dedicated public servant. Over the past four decades, Harrington has sponsored hundreds of youth and adult programs including athletic leagues and cancer awareness foundations.

Please help keep the momentum going! Let's help Karen Fire Debbie "I just want to get rich quick" Wasserman-Schultz.


Endorsement: Jean Calderwood for Alachua County Commission

Alachua County has been my home since 1973. At age 36 I was suddenly widowed with no life insurance and three very young sons to raise. Living in the City of Alachua and having a decent job, a safe community, quality schools, place of worship, affordable day care and youth recreation programs were the mainstays of making it through a very difficult financial and emotional time.

Fast forward to 2012, now 62, happily married to Dr. Hugh Calderwood and blessed with grandchildren, I am willing to work to help provide the same opportunities afforded me to all citizens in Alachua County.

I have worked in the private and public sector with experience in management, real estate and conservation acquisition. I served as Mayor and Commissioner in the City of Alachua, as well as a member of the Planning & Zoning Board.

Volunteering at the City’s Rec Center while my sons were young was the impetus for my getting involved in politics. I became an advocate for quality of life issues and took an active role in the community.

Some of my achievements and recognitions include:

•Past President Alachua Chamber of Commerce
•Past President Alachua Women’s Club
•Past Co-Chair,Mebane Middle School Advisory Committee
•Recipient of Volunteer of the Year Award
•Recipient of Business Leader of the Year Award
•Recipient of Helping Hands Award
•Member, Military Support Group of Alachua County
•Member, Ducks Unlimited
•Member, Alachua Chamber Christmas Parade Committee

Let's Help Jean get elected.

Her website

Breaking News: Richer Democratic States With Lower Unemployment Got Bulk Of Obama Stimulus

Obama economic stimulus package was just a political ploy. This has got to be the largest ponzi scheme in history. The numbers don't lie.

In their explosive new book*Debacle: Obama's War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do Now to Regain Our Future, Grover Norquist and John Lott, Jr. uncover a startling fact: heavily Democratic states with lower poverty rates, lower unemployment rates, lower bankruptcy rates, and lower foreclosure rates received most of President Barack Obama's $825 billion Stimulus.

Put another way, Stimulus money went to precisely the states that needed it the least but were more politically connected to the Democratic Party.

As Norquist and Lott's data reveal:

There is a perverse pattern: The states hardest hit by the recession received the least money.* States with higher bankruptcy, foreclosure, and unemployment rates got less money.* And higher-income states received more.* Obama may have claimed that he was motivated to help out those in the toughest shape, but it looks more likely that Democrats were more interested in helping their supporters.

In*Debacle, Norquist and Lott catalog the stunning degree to which Stimulus funds were allocated to the very states that needed them least.* For example, richer states got more, not less, Stimulus money.* For every additional $1,000 in a state's per-capita income a state received an average $86 more per capita in Stimulus money.

Furthermore, states with high foreclosure rates got less, not more, money.* Specifically, for every percentage point increase in a state's foreclosure rate, a state received $217 less per person.

The amounts given to states ranged widely.* For example, while Florida only received $553 per capita, the District of Columbia walked away with $3,745 per capita.* And as Norquist and Lott reveal, "The patterns early show that the money went to the places the Democrats represented."
The folly of the federal government's misappropriation of funds can best be summed up with a quote from an Obama Administration official whom Norquist and Lott interviewed for their penetrating*book.* As she explained, where government spends taxpayers' money doesn't matter because "giving out money is good for everyone."

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cybersecurity Legislation and the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board

Cybersecurity Legislation and the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board

Allen West refuses to retract statement that Obama should risk his life w troops

Obama 2008 Video: "Adding $4 trillion in debt is irresponsible and unpatriotic."

So by 2012 the deficit stands at $5 trillion Barry. Can you seriously tell me what happened? LIES!!

Chicago Thug Beats & Robs White Man… Says He Was Angry About Trayvon Martin

Alton Hayes was angry about Trayvon Martin (My FOX Chicago)

A Chicago man says he beat and robbed a white male because he was angry about Trayvon Martin (who was shot by a Hispanic man).
My FOX Chicago reported:

Alton L. Hayes III, a west suburban man charged with a hate crime, told police he was so upset about the Trayvon Martin case in Florida that he beat up a white man early Tuesday.

Hayes and a 15-year-old Chicago boy walked up behind the 19-year-old man victim and pinned his arms to his side, police said. Hayes, 18, then picked up a large tree branch, pointed it at the man and said, “Empty your pockets, white boy.”

The two allegedly rifled through the victim’s pockets, then threw him to the ground and punched him “numerous times” in the head and back before running away, police said. Hayes and the boy are black; the victim is white.

After being arrested, Hayes told police he was upset by the Trayvon Martin case and beat the man up because he was white, Cook County State’s Attorney’s office spokeswoman Tandra Simonton said, citing court records.

Got Abs?

Liberal Debris #4: Bob Beckel - When Liberals Attack

Good little liberal, Blame someone else.

I love weekends.

Obama spending spree

This is how you will salute me, Heil Obama!!

Tampa Bay writer Justin George links Republican Convention and strip Clubs.

This is strange. It's as if Republicans are known for their attendance at strip clubs. Justin George, the author of this article titled "Tampa strip clubs preparing for bonanza from Republican National Convention" says "strip clubs are preparing for the RNC as earnestly as the city has been repairing bridges, repaving streets and planting park benches downtown." I have nothing against strip clubs but I don't believe you will see Mitt Romney there or many conservative, family value types at the clubs. We shall see.

Records show Stearns didn't 'double-dip' on homestead exemption

By Bill Thompson
Staff writer

Published: Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 5:45 p.m.

One of U.S. Rep. Cliff Stearns' opponents in the Republican primary for a new congressional seat has raised questions about whether Stearns was double-dipping on the state's homestead property-tax exemption.

Clay County Clerk of the Circuit Court James Jett has been telling GOP voters that the Ocala Republican had received the tax break on two homes at the same time, which is illegal. But public records indicate that Jett is wrong; Stearns did not, in fact, receive simultaneous homestead exemptions for his Ocala home and a second residence in St. Johns County.

Read More via

There has been quite a bit of mudslinging against Cliff Stearns, who I personally endorse for US Congress. I believe it's time I look into his opponent James Jett.

New Photo: Zimmerman's Head Bloody, Bruised, Battered

ABC News has released a new photo of the back of George Zimmerman’s head, taken just “three minutes after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.” His head is brutally bloodied. As the image above shows, there’s blood all over his head, at least two gashes, and a large bruise forming at the top of his head.

Read more via Breitbart

Where are you Al and Jesse??

Stratfor Emails Show Democrats Stuffed Ballot Boxes In Ohio And Pennsylvania In 2008

According to stolen Stratfor emails published on Wikileaks, John McCain’s campaign in 2008 had evidence that the Obama Campaign was stuffing ballot boxes in Ohio and Pennsylvania and also had proof that the Obama team had “sleazy” Russian money in their coffers.

And look at this comment from Bitter Clinger via Gateway Pundit

He states "I was personally contacted by the Obama campaign on the Sunday prior to early voting in OH. They told me that I was needed to “help with the vote” in OH. A bus would be leaving the St Louis area and taking Obama supporters to OH. They told me I should be prepared to be gone for two nights. I explained that I was a registered republican and asked how they got my name. Answer: You’re on a list that I have and was told to contact everyone on it. we need you to help with the vote in OH. Question: Where did you get the list? Answer: ACORN. But, that’s illegal, I said! She laughed at me. I contacted the McCain campaign, the RNC, the local print, radio and TV media. No one would return my calls or respond to my concern. In early 2011, after the new Sec of State was in office in OH, I contacted that office and made him aware that bus loads of Obama supporters may be flooding the state again in 2012 based on my personal experience. They have been warned. I hope they are paying attention."

And I'll bet my last dollar Obama will do this again in 2012.

Knuckledraggin My Life Away: Beach butts

Knuckledraggin My Life Away: Beach butts

Phil Humber pitches perfect Game for the Chicago White Sox.

A relatively unknown Chicago White Sox Phil Humber just pitched the 21st perfect game in MLB history.

Video of the last out

Friday, April 20, 2012

How Ted Nugent has the little Democratic "Barney Frank" Bunnie Rabbits running from the "Great White Buffalo"

The Secret Service actually questioned an American Citizen for something he said??? Constitution is dead!! If you people think this is acceptable you might as well kiss this country goodbye.

Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.
Patrick Henry


New Research Confirms that Spending Cuts Stimulate the Economy

New research suggests that legislators should cut spending and enact growth-inducing policies. The reasoning? According to the study, spending cuts can positively affect economic growth and are the only historically reliable way to lower deficits and debt.

The authors of the study, Alberto Alesina and Francesco Giavazzi, write that “spending-based consolidations [spending cuts] accompanied by the right polices tend to be less recessionary or even have a positive impact on growth.” (emphasis added)

These findings confirm what was certainly true in past U.S. recessions.


NVRA (National Voter Registration Act) vs. Voter ID and Other Voter Access Challenges

NVRA (National Voter Registration Act) vs. Voter ID and Other Voter Access Challenges

Liberal Hypocrisy: I could not have said this better myself. Thanks Mark Levin.

Mark Levin: Obama Is An Imperial President

You know I've been trying to comprehend the hypocrisy spewing from all of these left-wing morons. It vexes me to no end why they continually want us to follow their rules, their regulations, their behavior, when they live in direct contradiction to these rules and regulations. They bash the rich, when they are rich, claim there is a war on women from conservatives, all the while they have supported abortions that have eradicated 28 million females since Roe v. Wade. Well Mark Levin is that voice for me. This small snippet completely sums up exactly how I feel. I deeply thank my good friend at THE RIEHL REVIEW for alerting me to this. Folks when you go the the election Booth this year remember Levins Comment below. He hits the nail on the head as to what this vile administration and liberal debris are all about.

MARK LEVIN: "Obama, it would seem, wants to deny to others what he will not deny to himself. He wants to deny to the children of others what he will not deny to his own children. He wants to amass riches, but he doesn't want you to amass wealth. He doesn't mind private school for his own children, but he minds it for your children. He doesn't mind eating whatever he wants to eat, but he minds what you eat. He doesn't mind taking that 747 one frivolous trip after another, one self-serving fundraising after another, but he minds what you drive and how much fuel you use. And we can go on and on.

Remainder of text and audio at RCP link

Well hello!

Very Hot: I love mornings. Have a great weekend all!!

An Olympic warm-up with the Lovely Allison Stokke Oh My!!

Jeb Warns Newsmax: Get Ready For 'Most Negative Campaign' Ever, Would consider VP post

I'm starting to see a pattern here.


This hog is out of her skull!

( - House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday endorsed a movement announced by other congressional Democrats on Wednesday to ratify an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would allow Congress to regulate political speech when it is engaged in by corporations as opposed to individuals.

The First Amendment says in part: "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press..."

Television and radio networks, newspapers, publishing houses, movie studios and think tanks, as well as political action committees, are usually organized as, or elements of, corporations.

Pelosi said the Democrats' effort to amend the Constitution is part of a three-pronged strategy that also includes promoting the DISCLOSE Act, which would increase disclosure requirements for organizations running political ads, and “reducing the role of money in campaigns” (which some Democrats have said can be done through taxpayer funding of campaigns).

The constitutional amendment the Democrats seek would reverse the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. In that decision the court said that the First Amendment protects a right of free speech for corporations as well as for individuals, and that corporations (including those that produce newspapers, films and books) have a right to speak about politicians and their records just as individuals do.

“We have a clear agenda in this regard: Disclose, reform the system reducing the role of money in campaigns, and amend the Constitution to rid it of this ability for special interests to use secret, unlimited, huge amounts of money flowing to campaigns,” Pelosi said at her Thursday press briefing.

“I think one of the presenters [at a Democratic forum on amending the Constitution] yesterday said that the Supreme Court had unleashed a predator that was oozing slime into the political system, and that, indeed, is not an exaggeration,” said Pelosi. “Our Founders had an idea. It was called democracy. It said elections are determined by the people, the voice and the vote of the people, not by the bankrolls of the privileged few. This Supreme Court decision flies in the face of our Founders’ vision and we want to reverse it.”

At Wednesday’s forum, a number of House and Senate Democrats were joined by representatives from People for the American Way and Common Cause in declaring their dedication to enacting a constitutional amendment to restrict speech by corporations.

The participants noted that several members in both houses of Congress have offered various versions of an amendment to reverse Citizen United v. FEC and curb unwanted speech by corporations. Rep. Jim McGovern (D.-Mass.) is one of the members sponsoring an amendment.

“I've introduced a People's Rights Amendment, which is very simple and straightforward,” Rep. Jim McGovern (D.-Mass.) said at the forum. “It would make clear that all corporate entities, for-profit and non-profit alike, are not people with constitutional rights.

“It treats all corporations, including incorporated unions and nonprofits, in the same way, as artificial creatures of the state that we, the people, govern, not the other way around,” said McGovern.

Rep. Donna Edwards (D.-Md.) explained the basic principle this move to amend the Constitution is advancing.

“In Citizens United, what the court said is that Congress has no authority to regulate this kind of political speech,” said Edwards. “And so all of these constitutional amendments go to this question of giving Congress the authority that the Supreme Court, I think wrongly, decided isn't within Congress's constitutional--our constitutional purview.

“And so, you know, the traditional rights of free speech that we have known as citizens would not be disturbed by any of these constitutional amendments,” said Edwards. “But what it would do is it would say, all of the speech in which, whether it's corporations or campaign committees and others engage in, would be able to be fully regulated under the authority of the Congress and--and under our Constitution.”

“I mean, in my view, a corporation is not a person. It is not an individual,” said Edwards. “The rights that it has are those that are granted by the state, granted by the, by the Congress.”

In 2009, when the Supreme Court first heard oral arguments in the Citizens United case, Deputy Solicitor General Malcolm Stewart told the court that the administration believed the Constitution allowed the government to ban a corporation from using its general treasury funds to publish a book if the book advocated voting for something.

"Take my hypothetical," Chief Justice John Roberts said to Stewart as he asked him about what kind of books the Obama administration believed it could constitutionally ban, "... This [book] is a discussion of the American political system, and at the end it says: Vote for X."

"Yes," said Deputy Solicitor General Stewart, "our position would be that the corporation would be required to use PAC funds rather than general treasury funds."

Roberts followed up: "And if they didn't, you could ban it?"

"If they didn't, we could prohibit the publication of the book using corporate treasury funds," Stewart answered.

When the court ruled against the Obama administration's position in this case, Chief Justice Roberts wrote a concurring opinion underscoring the fact that the administration had wanted the court to allow the government to prohibit political speech.

"The government urges us in this case to uphold a direct prohibition on political speech," wrote Roberts. "It asks us to embrace a theory of the First Amendment that would allow censorship not only of television and radio broadcasts, but of pamphlets, posters, the Internet, and virtually any other medium that corporations and unions might find useful in expressing their views on matters of public concerns."


nOT POLITICS, BUT DAMN THAT'S A BEAST. We will call this shark "democrat".

Obama Teleprompter crash. Where would a President be without it.

Quote of the Day

By no stretch of the imagination did I ever threaten anyone's life, or hint of violence or mayhem. Metaphors needn't be explained to educated people.

- Ted Nugent

Great White Buffalo

Cartoon of the Day

Inside the battlegrounds that could determine 2012

(CBS News) The 2012 election will be decided mainly in a handful of states that President Barack Obama won in 2008. Now he must work to defend them. Part of that is a function of his success four years ago - he won states that Democrats don't often win and won easily in states that are usually closer. Another reason is a reflection of these highly partisan times, where there just isn't that much electoral room for either Romney or Mr. Obama to maneuver. But these are states that do more than just outline the horserace - they cover the whole range of coalitions and groups that will be in play.


Romney had best fundraising month in March

Not that it matters now, but Mitt Romney had his best fundraising month of the primary campaign in March, raising more than $12 million. His campaign report shows a fiscally-sound balance sheet and plenty of cash on hand:

Departures continue at the Department of Health | The Florida Current

Departures continue at the Department of Health | The Florida Current

Breaking: Obama reveals Enemies list. Are you on it?

Have you seen President Obama's enemies list? i have. Spread this blog post around if you think Americans should be protected against the heavy hand of governmental intimidation. What do you think about it?

That's just great Barry. A sitting President of these "UNITED" States has an enemy list of fellow Americans. Barry you are the only enemy. Who do you think you are Richard Nixon?


North Carolina Law Used to Set Aside a Death Sentence of Marcus Robinson

A North Carolina judge concluded that racial bias played a significant factor when Marcus Reymond Robinson was sentenced to death 18 years ago, the first such decision under the Racial Justice Act.

Superior Court Judge Greg Weeks ruled Friday in Fayetteville that, since race played a significant factor in his sentence, death row inmate Marcus Robinson's sentence should be vacated.
Weeks then converted Robinson's sentence to life without parole.

North Carolina's 2009 Racial Justice Act allows death row prisoners and capital murder defendants to use statistics and other evidence to show racial bias played a significant role in prosecutors' decisions or their sentences.

North Carolina and Kentucky are the only states with laws like it.
Robinson's case is the first test of that law. Prosecutors said they would appeal Weeks' ruling.

Read the judge's decision:

I could have told Jim Webb this 2 years ago about Obamacare LESS!!! via Breitbart

Obamacare in Action? Private Practice Shuts Down Citing 'New Regulations'

Question: Why is it that during every election when the polls come out and every stupid, dumb-ass politician insults my and your intelligence with something I already knew???

Oh really Jim that's a surprise, especially when Nancy Pelosi said we have to pass the bill so we can see what's in it. Thank God Webb is retiring. I'll make sure his likeness does not fill his seat.

Virginia Senator Jim Webb, a Democrat who is not running for reelection, said at at a Washington, D.C. breakfast that Obamacare would be President Barack Obama’s “biggest downside politically.” The legislation, he continued, “cost Obama a lot of credibility as a leader.”

Read More via Breitbart

The Palin-Bolling Proposal To Lower Gas Prices

Tip by Posted by Brian Darling (Diary) via Redstate

Conservatives need to do a better job of explaining how they would lower gas prices. More drilling is a great piece of the pie, but there needs to be more. Governor Sarah Palin and Eric Bolling, Fox News host of of The Five, have put together a comprehensive plan to lower gas prices and they mapped out the details in the video below.

New Black Panthers: Race War For Trayvon April 9th 'Day of Action'

I aint skeered. Get a life.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

This is funny. Why have I not heard about this in the media??

Funny that nobody in the American media is talking about how US and UK officials expressed concerns about some Kenyan students studying in the United States. One of those students was Barack H. Obama Sr.

A memo from a British diplomat in Washington to Whitehall — released today by the National Archives in West London — sets out their concerns about the young Kenyans.

Dated September 1, 1959, it says: ‘I have discussed with the State Department. They are as disturbed about these developments as we are. They point out that Kenya students have a bad reputation over here for falling into the wrong hands and for becoming both anti-American and anti-white.’

In one of the Foreign Office files, the future president’s father appears on a list of Kenyan students as ‘OBAMA, Barack H’ — they shared the same name.

At the age of 23, he enrolled at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu to study economics with classmates including Ann Dunham, a 17-year-old white American from Kansas. The couple had a short marriage that led to the birth in 1961 of the future president, Barack Obama II. …

‘The motives behind this enterprise, therefore, seem more political than educational,’ warned a letter from the British Embassy in Washington.

It added: ‘The arrival here of these students, many of them of indifferent academic calibre and ill-prepared for the venture, is likely to give rise to difficult problems.’ (Read More)

Boy, did it ever give rise to difficult problems.

Via I'm a Man I'm 41, who just so happened to be born that same year.

Quote of the day

The best way to predict the future is to create it. - Peter Drucker

Operation Tax Return Hypocrite Debbie Wasserrman-Schultz

"Simply put, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is not running for President and Mitt Romney is."

This was Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz's spokesman's anemic statement in response to Karen Harrington's demand that Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz release her tax returns.

But wait, her spokesman's statement gets better. He added:
"Chairman Wasserman Schultz wonders what Mitt Romney is hiding and why he won't share this information with voters."

Well, we would like to ask the same question of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. What are you hiding Debbie, and why won't you share this information with voters?

If Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz releases her tax returns, she will expose herself as being the utter fraud that we know she is, after claiming that she is part of America's "middle class".

Since Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz continues to demand that Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney release his past tax returns, Karen Harrington has launched "Operation Tax Return Hypocrite." Operation Tax Return Hypocrite will keep taxpaying Americans up to speed with weekly updates on the status of Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz's unlikely release of her tax returns.

Karen Harrington does not expect Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz to have an epiphany, where she finds character and/or a moral compass. In reality, Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz will continue her hypocritical and disingenuous ways of trying to manipulate and distort the truth about President Obama's reckless and irresponsible Presidency, and its failed policies.

Karen Harrington for Congress

To learn more about Karen, please visit


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