Friday, October 16, 2015

VIDEO: AR15 Bikini Farm Girl Throws Ax, Shoots Guns, Recurve Bow and Arrow!


Anonymous said...

The only thing that could make that video better is if she were wearing one those confederate flag bikinis!

skybill said...

Hi There "Any Mouse!!!!!!!,
'Love yer' comment!! Ya' gotta Look!!!! Dummy!!, They are out there!! Here's one!! She's my "Screen background!!" 'Also sent her countanance to a Musician Friend who runs a "Southern Country and Blues Band" named "Southern Shots" and told him,"This is your 'Southern Shots Poster Girl!!!!!!'" He concurred!!
just type into your browser tumblr_mmjysn06aN1rgbmw3o11280 should work, if not add (1) to the end!!
Got gorgeous babes in confederate flag bikini's!!

skybill said...

Hey Mouse,
I screwed up, In the line up, change the ....sn06aN to snO6aN and you will "SEE THE LIGHT!!!!!!"


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