Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Could the Woman Who Sent a Text Message Be Held Accountable for Causing Driver to Crash? Judge Napolitano Weighs In

They say the US is the most litigious society in the world.  No wonder with cases like this:

A new major legal ruling could have serious implications for anyone that uses a cell phone. David and Linda Kubert suffered horrific injuries when the driver of a pickup truck crashed into their motorcycle while responding to a text message. Now, a judge is deciding whether or not the woman who sent him the text message should also be held accountable. The crash victims’ attorney, Skippy Weinstein, says the woman should’ve been aware of the danger of texting someone who is driving.

On today’s Happening Now, Judge Napolitano said that it is clearly the driver’s fault because he was the one texting while driving. Although he knows Skippy Weinstein very well, he said that blaming the woman who texted the driver is a little over the top. “No one made him read the message when it was sent,” said Napolitano. <>

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