Friday, May 4, 2012

Read our 6 keys to a killer online press release, and see an exact example to use for your campaign.

by Brett Payne, Political Insight

You want your message to get out. The press wants to hear your message. But they will always pay attention to the campaign who makes it easy for them to filter through the info and repurpose it for their TV station, newspaper, blog or radio air time. Like most things in life, there is a formula for how to provide press releases via the web that is very different from what campaigns may be used to. So lets look at that formula.

As I've worked with campaigns I've learned very quickly that they all know that they should do press releases, but very few actually know how. And if you don't know how, then all the time and effort to put one together is often lost because the release is never read. The secret is to manage your press releases online, which provides a format and container that simply needs to be updated and syndicated out when needed.

1.  Easy to keep up to date - Online press kits make updating a snap. You follow the structure, fill in every 'container' and you are ready to go. Your standard template includes your contact information, downloadable press kit, campaign summary, etc. In addition, you leave areas for the main content of the release, the highlighted points, associated images and other media. By providing all of these elements you are able to control the message (not just words, but media also) by providing all of the assets in one place.

2. Make them interactive
- Images and video are critical. Rather than depending on an overworked news agency to track down good media, just provide it for them. They'll appreciate you and put your press release at the top of the pile. And of course, make sure all your media is easy downloadable for them.

3. Contact Info just a click away
- Your template should include the contact information for the campaign, the press contact and the campaign manager. Give them full access to reach you for comment or for additional details.

4. Links instead of attach
- An online press kit should be indexed with search engines, but who has time to wait for that. You'll be getting this info to media outlets electronically, but don't make the mistake of attaching your press release via a pdf or any other method. Many email clients filter out emails with attachments that are from unknown sources, so don't risk it. Instead, always communicate with links to your assets that can easily be downloaded at will.

5. Keep organized
- This method is about simplifying your life. It's about less decisions and focus on content. Having your releases online helps you to force the message into a container that demands content. And if you don't have the content, you probably don't have a press release.

6. Attach a PDF of a general press kit - Each online release should also contain a downloadable PDF of the standard campaign press kit for use in other areas. Just upload the pdf to your site and provide a nice link on each press release.

Click here To find out more about designing press releases and political websites.

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