Thursday, May 3, 2012

How to turn your Political Campaign into the most powerful social media presence

I am very excited to be involved in a strategic partnership with Political Insight. If your fighting to win an election or raise money for your non-profit you need a team of experts to give you that edge.

At Political Insight, they can create custom sites for individual candidates, associations or parties. But they are finding that many Republican minded people have similar needs.

  • They want to use the site to promote their candidacy at the next election
  • They want their party’s membership to grow with online joining
  • They want their local members to keep their own contact details up to date
  • They want local branches to administrate their own area of the site
  • They want a smarter way to mail members, coordinate events and raise money - online

For these people, Political Insight offers a Party themed site package that can be tweaked to meet their exacting needs. And because it’s built on Insight technology, you know it will be easy to use, customizable, massively scalable (for when your membership swells!) and constantly improving.

Stay ahead of your competitors and receive up-to-date web strategies, tips and tricks, and more.


or call (352) 426-2716

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