Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to get followers on twitter to share your content

This fantastic post by Dan Zarella about how you can get your followers to Retweet your content. This is vital for any political campaign. Your message is what gets you elected. If people can't hear your message or even see it in a social media environment, your opponent may beat you.

Follow these 3 simple topics to get your constituents to spread your message on twitter.

You must remember before an individual or voter can share a piece of your content, three things have to happen. First, they have to be exposed to it (following you on Twitter or a fan of your page on Facebook). Second, they have to actually become aware of that content (I follow something like 8,000 people on Twitter and don’t see anywhere near everything they Tweet). Third, and finally, they must be motivated by something in that content to share it. Together, these three elements make up my hierarchy of contagiousness.

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