Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Breaking News: New Poll Shows Mack with Lead Over Nelson

Big news today in our fight to retire liberal Senator Bill Nelson: A new poll just released from Rasmussen Reports shows Connie beating Bill Nelson!
This poll continues to prove that the people of Florida are tired of the Lockstep Liberals -- Bill Nelson and Barack Obama -- and their failed left-wing agenda. And it continues to prove that when Connie wins, Mitt Romney wins, and when Mitt Romney wins, Connie wins. 
The momentum is on our side. Rasmussen now considers the Florida Senate race "Leans Republican" for the first time! This is a big moment for both our race, and for Mitt Romney's campaign too.
Can you help build on this growing momentum? Make a donation of $5, $10, or $25 today. Let's make sure we have the resources we need to defeat the Lockstep Liberals!
Jeff Cohen
Campaign Manager

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