Sunday, July 8, 2012

Follow PJ Media George Zimmerman Lynching Further Unravels

by Bob Owens

The files recently released by his defense strongly suggest innocence.

George Zimmerman has been the subject of the most transparent and vicious media and law enforcement lynchings since the FBI tried to blame hero security guard Richard Jewell for the 1996 Olympics bombing carried out by Eric Robert Rudolph.

Jewell’s actions to move people away from a suspicious backpack bomb saved countless lives. Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman in Sanford, Florida, shot Trayvon Martin during a beating he suffered at the hands of the teen. Zimmerman had been attempting to keep him in sight for police responding to the scene to determine why Martin was loitering on a cold rainy night in front of a home that had been recently burglarized.

Zimmerman’s defense team released a collection of files to the public and media last month. The files included Zimmerman’s written statement to police about the shooting, audio interviews of Zimmerman with Sanford Police Department investigators, a video interview of Zimmerman passing a computer voice stress analyzer (CVSA) lie detector test, and a video walk-though by Zimmerman (incorrectly described as a re-enactment) of the incident 22 hours after the shooting.


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