Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Democrats Leak Opposition Research On Ribble, Duffy

By: Brian Sikma

In a move that defies traditional campaign tactics, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has released notebooks containing allegedly negative facts on two of Wisconsin’s targeted Republican members of Congress. The thick manuals are a treasure trove tipping readers off to nearly everything Democrats have to use against targeted Republican congressional candidates this cycle. In the middle of June a source informed Media Trackers that the manuals were likely available as direct downloads from DCCC web-servers if the right search terms were used on Google.

Read more via Media Trackers!

DCCC Oppo Books were found via Google and the back-end of the DCCC’s webserver for:
Jeff Denham, CA-10 DCCC2012-JeffDenhamCA-10ResearchBook
Abel Maldonado CA-24 DCCC2012AbelMaldonadoCA-ResearchBook
Allen West FL-22 DCCC2012AllenWestFLResearchBook
Ann Marie Buerkle NY-24 DCCC2012AnnMarieBuerkleNY24-ResearchBook
Bill Johnson OH-6 DCCC2012BillJohnsonOH06-ResearchBook
Bobby Schilling IL-17 DCCC2012BobbySchillingIL-17ResearchBook
Brian Bilbray CA-52 DCCC2012BrianBilbrayCA52-ResearchBook
Jesse Kelly AZ-8 DCCC2012JesseKellyAZ08-ResearchBook
Jim Renacci OH-16 DCCC2012JimRenacciOH16-ResearchBook
Joe Heck NV-3 DCCC2012JoeHeckNV03-ResearchBook
Joe Walsh IL-8 DCCC2012JoeWalshIL-08ResearchBook
Judy Biggert IL-11 DCCC2012JudyBiggertIL11-ResearchBook
Keith Rothfus PA-12 DCCC2012KeithRothfusPA-12Research
Mike Coffman CO-6 DCCC2012MikeCoffmanCO06-ResearchBook
Mike Fitzpatrick PA-8 DCCC2012MikeFitzpatrickPA08-ResearchBook
Bill Young FL-10 DCCC2012OppoBookBillYoung
Randy Altschuler NY-1 DCCC2012RandyAltschulerNY01ResearchBook
Reid Ribble WI-8 DCCC2012ReidRibbleWI-08ResearchBook
Sean Duffy WI-9 WI-07 Sean Duffy Book 2012 05.03 (DCCC) – FOR WEB
Dan Benishek MI-1 DCCC2012RepDanBenishekMI01-ResearchBook
Ricky Gill CA-9 DCCC2012RickyGillCA-09ResearchBook
Scott Tipton CO-3 DCCC2012ScottTiptonCO-03ResearchBook
Tom Latham IA-3 DCCC2012TomLathamIA03-ResearchBook
Brian Whelan CA-16 DCCC2012BrianWhelan-ResearchBook
Dan Lungren CA-7 DCCC2012DANLUNGRENCA-07-ResearchBook
Gary DeLong CA-47 DCCC2012GaryDeLongCA-ResearchBook
Janice Arnold-Jones NM-1 DCCC2012JaniceArnold-JonesNM-ResearchBook
John Tavaglione CA-41 DCCC2012JohnTavaglioneCA-41ResearchBook
Nan Hayworth NY-18 DCCC2012RepNanHayworthNY18-ResearchBook
Matt Doheny NY-21 DCCC2012MattDohenyNY-ResearchBook
Larry Buschon IN-8 DCCC2012OppoBookLarryBucshon
Andy Barr KY-6 DCCC2012AndyBarrKY06-ResearchBook
Tim Wilkes, David Rouzer, Illario Pantano NC-7 DCCC2012NC-07ResearchBook
NC-11 (All GOP candidates) DCCC2012-NC11-ResearchBook
NC-8 (All GOP candidates) DCCC2012OppoBookNC08

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