Saturday, July 14, 2012

Must Read: Screw Obama, Why Work at Home Businesses Will Thrive

This article has an answer to anyone that is disgruntled, unemployed or downright concerned about their families furtute and the future of this country. The article I'm sharing below does have a political twist to it, but just read it and contact me if you want to know a simple solution to your current economic plite. I read his blog everyday and I just believe all my readers should read it. It's a nice break from the negativity that is so prevalent on TV and in the news. There is so much concern, negativity, worry amongst everyone I talk to everyday. Obama wants to control every facet of our lives. But I say screw him. There is a better life. I am delighted to share an article from a gentlemen that keeps me going every day, not only in my political life, but my personal life as well. I was also thrilled to be a part of his company invovling the sale of graded Gold and Silver Coins. Check it out: By Ray Higdon If you have ever considered a better lifestyle, one that has you spending more time with your family and less time at the office or with your boss, this post will help you see that work at home businesses are a great idea and exactly why the timing is perfect. Who Would Even Consider a Work From Home Business? I think there are several categories in todays world. Here are a few: 1. The person that has finally realized that the higher you go up the corporate ladder the more they will pay you but also the more they will demand of you. In most cases, it’s paid servitude. 2. The person that realizes that work at home businesses allow YOU to be in control AND with todays tools (social media, blogging, etc) they CAN be successful without being an amazing presenter or trainer. 3. The person that does not have time. This may sound weird as a lot of times that is the biggest objection people have about work at home businesses is they don’t have time, well, if you understand that good work at home businesses pay you RESIDUAL INCOME and your job doesn’t, the person with no time all of a sudden realizes that they will NEVER have time in their life UNLESS they create something that does pay them passive income. Any other categories of people that you think should be looking at a work at home business opportunity? Be sure to comment below. READ FURTHER:

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