Monday, July 9, 2012

Liberal Debris#6: Chaka Fattah so happy to tax you!!

Check this video out of the Progressive Chaka Fattah.  Liberals are just so ecstatic about taxing us for not doing anything.  This imbecile who's been in Congress far too long enjoys placing taxes on us.  They say they only want to tax the rich, but this law taxes anyone, in any class who doesn't obtain healthcare.  How can anyone continue to vote for this guy is beyond me.  The school system in Philly is in shambles.  Check out this article:

Officials move to dismantle Philadelphia public school system

His earmarks should be examined.  He says they are competitive bids.  You mean like the one YOUR son got a few years ago??  Now being investigated by the Justice Department for corruption.  I vote Fattah Liberal debris of the week #6.

I'll be watching you Arthur!!

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